Technology to Run Your Business.

Today’s profitable businesses run on technology. From creating, storing and accessing information and controlling your finances, to tracking your clients and managing your operations, technology is a main driver in your success.

It can be difficult to maintain control of all the technology your business needs and uses, and even more difficult to build and implement a forward looking strategy for maximizing its effectiveness. Chances are your IT department has been built over time, without enough thought about how to leverage what you have and supplement it with what you need. And with technology advancing every day, there are always new things to consider.

Effectively managing information technology for your business is imperative to your success, but you don’t have to do it alone.

We Have the Experience and the Expertise.

Rand Group knows IT, and we also know your industry. Our staff is a diverse mix of resources ranging from software developers and programmers to former practicing certified public accountants, and we employ some of the best in the business. We are uniquely positioned to evaluate your IT infrastructure and make clear, impactful recommendations, which are focused on your success. You can trust Rand Group to manage all of your IT needs because we deliver world-class results, without frustration.

Rand Group offers a full range of Managed IT Services including:

Technology is powerful, but without the right level of expertise, it’s also risky. Let Rand Group work with you to take control of your IT needs so you can eliminate the risk and focus on driving your business. We provide technology to run your business, so that your business doesn’t run you.

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Matt Woodward

Vice President, Digital Transformation at Rand Group

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