Virtualization (Hyper-V and VMware) Solutions

In recent years, virtualization (in particular Microsoft’s Hyper-V platform and VMware’s vSphere platform) have gained increasing popularity. The reason for this is simple – the days of purchasing a server with the required hardware to support a specific application is not cost effective or efficient. Virtualization allows machines to share resources, and to scale up and down on the fly, with no downtime or performance impact.

A recent report showed that 65% of small businesses (50-100 employees) and 79% of medium companies (100-500 employees) are using some form of virtualization technology. That number is expected to continue to rise.

Many are afraid of technology that is new or that changes the norm or standard. While it’s true for decades physical, on-premise servers were the standard, virtualization has come a long way, and can significantly reduce your capital expenditures when it comes to equipment.

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There are many reasons to consider a virtualization strategy. From reduced cost, to improvement in efficiency and reliability, ease of management, scalability, for most companies it’s easy to create a business case.

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Whether you’re considering virtualization for your environment, or have a virtualized environment already and would welcome support, Rand Group has virtualization resources to assist you with your upkeep or planning of virtualization.