IT Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Regardless how well designed or how redundant an environment is, having a solid backup and disaster recovery plan is imperative to any IT department or company strategy. According to a recent study, data loss and downtime cost a total of $1.7 trillion each year (that’s 1.7 with twelve zeros behind it).

Various companies have different requirements when it comes to Recovery Point Objectives, Recovery Level Objectives, and Recovery Time Objectives (RPO, RLO, and RTO respectively). Even when those are defined, there are dozens, perhaps even hundreds of methods of accomplishing your recovery objectives, each with its own impact to the business, including financial and resource ramifications.

Microsoft's Azure Backup Solution

Your data and applications are everywhere—on servers, clients, and in the cloud. Traditionally, tape has been used for long-term retention. Backup provides a compelling alternative to tape with …

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With the adoption of cloud, a whole new method of disaster recovery has been made available, often at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods, with even tighter tolerances when it comes to recovery.

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