Distributed File System (DFS) Solutions

For environments that share files between facilities, or companies that have extensive file sharing and storage needs, Distributed File System (DFS), a function that comes standard with Windows server, could be an excellent (and free) use case.

DFS allows files and storage to be replicated in a real-time basis between servers or facilities. This in turn means users at any facility, when they open a file, will be opening the file at the facility closest to them, meaning a better overall user experience, as the files open and save significantly faster than opening them over a remote network location (regardless the connection speed).

Rand Group Can Help

DFS is an effective and scalable file replication system, with a tremendous amount of potential. If you have DFS in your environment, or are interested in seeing what this technology can do for your company, contact Rand Group – we have resources on-staff that can assist with your DFS planning, implementation, or support.