Chat & Video Conferencing Solutions

Have you considered empowering your employees and improving their communication with an integrated company-wide chat or video conferencing system? Many companies shy away from such products thinking they will be detrimental to employee productivity, but a well designed and implemented solution can improve collaboration and reduce time spent walking between offices or sending emails which take the recipient hours to read only after they’ve caught up with the rest of their email.

A recent survey found that decreased phone call and email volume and quick resolution of simple questions are the top productivity benefits of using presence based chat and video conferencing, cited by 75 and 66 percent of the sample, respectively. 98% of the sample experienced some form of benefit from using presence technology.

Products such as Skype for Business (formerly Lync) are both affordable, and easy to implement and support. It can integrate into your phone system and calendar, and provide automated and real time ‘presence’ information to coworkers, who will know whether you’re available, and an easy way to contact you if so. If you haven’t considered an employee collaboration tool such as Skype for Business, it may be time to consider it.

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