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According to a recent survey, Microsoft Exchange holds more than 78% of the market share in businesses larger than 25 seats across the U.S, Canada, France, Germany, and the U.K. With the adoption of Microsoft 365, this functionality, in the past associated with more expensive and ‘enterprise’ grade platforms, is now available at an affordable cost to small and medium businesses (SMB)s, whether they are hosting a single email account, up to tens of thousands.

On premise Exchange environments can be complex, ranging from single server setups, to multiple client access and mailbox server farms, running at multiple sites, often with Database Availability Groups (DAG) configured.

Because email is often considered a critical application to a modern company, ensuring the availability and accessibility (as well as the performance) of the Exchange environment is generally high up on the IT administrator’s priority list. Ensuring a good disaster recovery plan is in place in the event of a server or database failure is also imperative.

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Whether you are using a hosted version of Exchange, whether Exchange is hosted in Office 365, or whether you have an on-premise Exchange environment, regardless of the size, we have the expertise to provide support for your email system. Exchange can be intimidating to troubleshoot, but whether you’re trying to track down a problem, get assistance in ongoing support of your environment, or whether you’re planning a new Exchange deployment, Rand Group has the expertise on staff to assist you.

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