Are You Running on Borrowed Time?

Software products are constantly being updated to provide extended functionality and maintain the highest level of security. And once a version is no longer being supported, neglecting to upgrade leaves you vulnerable. Your Microsoft Exchange Server is not immune to this situation.

If you’re operating a Microsoft Exchange server, it’s time to contemplate your upgrade. The following Exchange versions have reached “End of Life” support:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 5.0
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0

That means these versions are no longer being upgraded or supported, there is no option to purchase additional support and security patches and hotfixes are no longer being developed. By retaining these End of Life versions, you’re opening yourself up to significant and potentially damaging business risks.

Protect Your Business

Upgrades are about you. They are about protecting your business and leveraging the latest and greatest that technology has to offer. They provide extended functionality to improve your overall productivity, improve product integrations, increase the speed of transactions, and above all, upgrades ensure you’re always safe and supported in your endeavors.

Upgrade to Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 or Office 365: Exchange Online and Succeed

With an upgrade service from Rand Group, you get access to qualified technical experts who can perform fast, effective upgrade projects that don’t result in excessive downtime and lost data, while at the same time experiencing the benefits of the latest Exchange server such as:

  • Improved overall business collaboration
  • Lower total cost of ownership over previous Exchange versions
  • Cumulative, quarterly updates
  • A Cloud-first Platform
  • Extended mobile capabilities
  • Better search functionality
  • Improved hybrid configurations
  • And more….

Your business deserves to benefit from the newest technology, and you’re entitled to success. Contact us today and allow us to bring your Exchange environment up to current standards. The only side here is up!

“ Rand Group is the best consulting company I have worked with in twenty years. ”

John Olivier
IT Director

Rand Group Offers More Than Technical Support and Upgrades

We possess the business, technical and accounting expertise to fully support you, beyond your software needs.

  • Audit support through PBC assistance
  • Sub-ledger account schedule creation and support
  • Accounting and reconciliation support
  • Business analysis support through report creation
  • Business process automation support
  • Training materials preparation
  • System documentation development for SOX

These services are available to all our Business Advantage Support clients.

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