Alert & Monitoring System Solutions

Any IT environment should have a system in place to allow the administrators to monitor the environment, allowing for quick and often proactive responses to issues.

A good monitoring and alert system can monitor critical servers, including their CPU, memory, disk queue, services, and in the case of specific applications (like Sharepoint, Exchange, or SQL), even monitor application specific items. Protocols like WMI and SNMP allow minimally invasive monitoring, without having to install agents or other software on monitored devices. Network devices can also be monitored and alerts can be set up to alert administrators when links are down, over-saturated, or experiencing other issues.

Rand Group Can Help

Monitoring solutions are generally easy and low impact projects with high returns for IT departments. Rand Group has experience and partnerships with several monitoring solutions, both in the design as well as setup/configuration. Let us show you how implementing a monitoring solution can impact your productivity.