You’re Cornered by Your Process

Your business has grown organically, and sometimes that means processes have been developed which don’t fit directly within your SharePoint or Dynamics application. These unstructured processes often live outside your management solutions in other Line-of-Business systems or even just as a paper trail. Your team works tirelessly to manage these processes, follow workflows and effectively share information to keep business running smoothly. Sometimes they succeed, but most times, they fail.

Slashing Costs and Dominating Markets with BPM

As businesses, we are increasingly faced with the need to find a better way to accomplish our goals. Process automation offers a powerful and compelling answer to the question of …

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With powerful tools at your fingertips, it should be easier to work the way you want. However, you’re restrained by your inability to execute changes. You have ideas, you know what you need, but the overtaxed resources from your IT department just aren’t readily available to help. This is not only frustrating but also inefficient.

Free Your Workflows

Everyone could use a little more efficiency in their day. From a few minutes here to an hour there, reducing the time it takes you to perform routine functions could really have an impact on your work week. With less thinking and redundancy, you know you could get more done and be able to do it all better. You just need a solution.

That’s exactly what Appit by K2 was designed to do.

Case Study: How Business Process Automation Provided a Competitive Advantage

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With K2 Appit – a cloud-based SharePoint application, you’re able to build powerful workflows and forms, right in SharePoint, with little to no coding required. Customize forms for data input, create secure, mobile ready workflows that work across multiple sites and deploy SharePoint business apps with integration across lines-of-business (LOB) systems, which enable:

Empowered Users: break free from the restrictions of SharePoint by building your own workflows, processes and forms without needing to code. This also allows your business to save time and money by helping you to build apps that change with your business needs. All of this is completely accessible from any mobile device, and across lines-of-business.

Improved Overall Efficacy: build and customize SharePoint business apps to fit your business needs without waiting on IT resources, reuse application assets across multiple systems, reduce repetitive tasks and simplify your day with easy task management tools and mobile apps.

More Informed Decisions: reduce process bottlenecks and workflow roadblocks, deliver important and accurate information to the right people, and integrate data from LOB systems to span your entire organization and gain crucial insight to help improve collaboration and overall business visibility and decision making.

K2 Appit Product Overview

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Less Hassle, More Benefit

Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions are great at managing all the structured, repeatable processes in your organization, but to really differentiate yourself, you need more. With K2 Appit, you can help automate the processes that happen outside your ERP solution and pull that information back into  Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP or Microsoft Dynamics NAV, to increase visibility across your entire organization. You get intuitive browser based designers for quickly customized SharePoint workflows, and forms that aren’t limited to a single SharePoint list or library but that can span lists, libraries, and sites, on-premise and in the cloud, that integrates with line-of-business systems and are available wherever your people work. You reduce manual tasks, creating automated data transfers and workflows. That’s a solution that can change the way you do business.

Compare K2 Appit versus SharePoint's Workflow Manager

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We Know Process Design

As a top-tier Microsoft Dynamics solution partner, with an area of practice dedicated exclusively to business process automation, we know how to help take your business to the next level in terms of efficiency, differentiation and agility. Our business process experts not only know the K2 product, they are masters in Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV. They bring this powerful combination of business know-how to every engagement, and can help your business gain leverage by using process automation tools like K2 Appit. We are in the business of technology enablement and provide adept solutions to help see your business improvements from concept through to reality.

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