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So much data so little time. On average, office workers lose 30% of their time daily just trying to find the information they need to do their job.

The paper files may be gone, but in their place are digital files cluttering shared drives, desktops, mobile devices, and inboxes. The result is lost productivity, work-arounds, and the risks associated with slapdash decision-making.

Rand Group has a way to drastically reduce the time employees spend searching for information, so that no matter what the project is, everyone on the team is moving in the same direction, at the same speed.

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One Tool Does It All

With Microsoft SharePoint Server® from Rand Group, you will benefit from a user-friendly communication and collaboration platform centered on your dynamic teams and projects, while guaranteeing the security required for seamless document sharing. Used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies, Microsoft SharePoint® provides a powerful and scalable solution for all of your business intranet, extranet, and internet sites.

Business Intelligence

Get a bird’s eye view of your entire business – your intranet, extranet and internet sites. Link to various business applications like SAP, and Microsoft SQL Server and put published reports in the hands of decision-makers.

Process Automation

Manage document versions, apply retention schedules, declare records, and place legal holds, whether you’re dealing with traditional content, web content, or social content.


SharePoint can address your IT governance, information management, and application management needs – bringing all of these under one roof.

Internal Audit

SharePoint is the tool for you to achieve compliance with SAS, SOX, ISO, Internal Audit, among other standards..

Organizational Change Management

Assists in IT change processes, including improvement measures, estimations, risk management plus testing and approval tasks.

Leverage Your Redundancies

Microsoft SharePoint® from Rand Group leverages your redundant and dispersed document shares and data centers by combining comprehensive content management and enterprise search to facilitate information-sharing. Our Microsoft SharePoint consultants enable your team to connect in real-time to accelerate work processes across your physical and organizational boundaries.

By integrating your existing applications with our Microsoft SharePoint solution, we boost your productivity by simplifying your work activities with a consistent user experience. Quickly connect your organizational information to your employees with collaborative tools, including: document review, document approval, issue tracking and signature collection, all without interfacing through email or fax.

SharePoint’s close integration with Microsoft Office applications and its intuitive user interface also helps cut training and maintenance costs, freeing your IT staff to focus on higher priorities. Creating and deploying custom solutions is also easier, allowing your staff to quickly respond to new business needs.

Demo: SharePoint 2016's Enhanced Security, Privacy and Compliance

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Microsoft SharePoint features from Rand Group cover everything you need to maintain information integrity in a user-friendly environment, including

  • Cross-department sharing capability, with notification alerts for document changes and additions.
  • One virtual Meeting Workspace for everyone to upload, view and share relevant documents such as agendas, objectives, tasks and other items.
  • A new contextual SharePoint Ribbon that enables quick and easy access to common tasks such as formatting text and uploading images.
  • Document libraries with version controls.
  • Document Sets allowing multiple users to manage related content as a single entity.
  • SharePoint’s automated service to help you stay current with colleague communications through new contact suggestions based on:

o   Reporting structure
o   Community memberships
o   Email distribution lists
o   Office Communicator contact lists
o   An analysis of the most common Office Outlook email recipients

  • Rich dashboards that convey the right information the first time, aggregating content from multiple sources.
  • The ability to perform root cause analyses using powerful analytics to examine core data.
  • Out-of-the-box support for multilingual experiences, with language options in site navigation, menus, the SharePoint Ribbon, and customized list fields.
  • Organizational structure navigation tool to see managers, peers, and direct reports.
  • More than 40 Out of the Box WebParts to add functionality anywhere in a site including such items as document sets, filters, forms, plus a variety of tools for your blogs – all with point-and-click simplicity.
  • Security maintenance and system performance management with Sandbox Solutions.
  • The ability to publish Access databases in SharePoint.
  • The ability to manage versions, apply retention schedules, declare records, and place legal holds, whether you’re dealing with traditional content, Web content, or social content.

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Simplify the Way Your Company Works

With our SharePoint Consultants, your Microsoft SharePoint Server can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office programs, servers and technology. Easily create document and slide libraries that allow users to update documents, spreadsheets and slide decks while being able to use the knowledge libraries as a resource. Open SharePoint document libraries as Windows Explorer windows for quick and easy file management. This integration creates distinct advantages in managing content, business processes, and knowledge sharing throughout your organization.

Get More than Software

By leveraging the team of highly specialized technical and business professionals at Rand Group, you will also enjoy the advantages of building your solution and having it readily adopted by your entire team.

Our User Adoption Methodology is a critical part of any SharePoint project. We want to ensure YOUR IT project does not fall victim to the notoriously high failure rate of so many others, but we know that most of the time, building a great solution just isn’t enough. You need to get your team excited about the benefits while helping manage their concerns and frustrations about learning something new. And that is what we do.

Case Study: Confidential Client

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