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SAP Business ByDesign Product Overview

SAP Business ByDesign Overview
by Rand Group

Intelligent cloud ERP: Streamlined end-to-end processes.

Instant value: Enables agility to quickly adapt for new opportunities.

Business analytics: Real-time analytics included to help improve profits and efficiency.

Built for growth: Leverage a dynamic, configurable solution that’s built to scale to help your company become more efficient and keep growing with your business.


SAP Business ByDesign Features

Run your entire business on an intelligent cloud ERP software suite.


Optimize your finances with streamlined processes, real-time information, and better cash flows

Financial and managerial accounting

Manage your accounting processes for multiple entities, reporting standards, and currencies.

Cash flow management

Accurate cash flow projections with real-time transaction data.


Manage all your relationships and customer interactions—all in one place


Run effective marketing campaigns and elevate lead generation with personalized customer information.


Better manage accounts, automate your sales processes, and accelerate the sales pipeline.

Human Resources

Automate and extend HR processes while empowering employees with self-service.


Simplify the onboarding process and more effectively integrate employees into the organization.

Time, attendance, and labor management

Centralized data allows you to better manage labor, time, and compensation.

Project Management

Tackle any project, no matter the size or scope.

Real-time project collaboration and monitoring

Save time and resources by collaborating with team members and monitoring tasks and project completion in real-time.


Strengthen procurement operations by centralizing information and enabling self-service capabilities.


A central database of product and supplier information lets you manage multiple supplier contracts and identify sourcing opportunities.


Streamlined purchasing processes, with real-time information at buyers’ fingertips to negotiate better deals.


Customer Testimonial: Skull Candy

SAP ByDesign helps a growing brand run simple.

Skull Candy is a fast-growing company in the electronics industry that operates in over 80,000 stores globally.

One major complexity Skull Candy faced was being able to carry out their increasing orders smoothly and efficiently. Implementing SAP ByDesign allowed them to connect their finances and operations, giving them real-time data on a daily basis about their product flow, margins, and sales. With this information, they could make more effective action.

As Skull Candy introduces more complexity, they have blueprint to reduce those complexities with SAP ByDesign.

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