SQL Server Optimization

It’s not you; it’s the database and server.

SQL Server Optimization It’s not you; it’s the database and server.

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Optimal Application Performance, for Good

Is SQL Server the Bottleneck?

5 ways SQL Server issues impact business performance.

Benefits of Optimization

The top 5 reasons to consider performance optimization for your applications.

Poor Performance Burns Cash

Sluggish applications may be common, but they aren’t normal. Slow posting and reporting, frequent crashes, and frustrated executives are clear signs of a core application performance issue, which can be a nightmare for any business. Adding days to your month end, delaying invoices, and impacting cash flow is the fastest way to have your CEO banging on your door demanding answers.

It’s Your Neck on the Line

When someone is having trouble meeting critical deadlines such as issuing invoices or running financials, they just want someone to blame. And in a rush towards defense, you might think throwing more money at the problem in the form of increased hardware is the answer.

But that is only a band-aid.

At the heart of your applications are the SQL servers they are built on, and there could be a myriad of reasons why those servers are dismantling productivity. From out-of-the-box set-ups that were never optimized in the first place to changes in configuration, it can be hard to determine exactly what is wreaking havoc on your server environment.

You didn’t create the mess, but it’s your job to fix it. And you have a choice – fix the root of the issue, or continue to run triage indefinitely.

Eliminate the Burden

As an IT Professional, your goal is to keep the technology environment humming along so no one has reason to yell at talk to you. We can help. Rand Group specializes in improving the performance of Business Applications like Microsoft Dynamics ERP, SharePoint, CRM, and Exchange.

Our SQL Server Optimization services includes a review and if necessary, optimization, of your:

  • SQL environment and services
  • Hardware performance
  • Underlying storage performance (disk speed, volumes, and latency)
  • SQL trace flags and configuration parameters
  • SQL memory allocation
  • SQL indexes and fragmentation
  • SQL maintenance and optimization plans
  • Database configuration, growth patterns, and sizing
  • Backup and disaster recovery plan and high availability
  • Recovery models
  • Additional areas for improvement

Triumph Over Poor Performance

Our SQL Server Optimization service can improve your application performance by up to 10x, which means reports run faster, tasks are completed more efficiently, and no one is left cursing the slow speeds or inevitable crashes of an overtaxed system. Take charge of your server environment and be known as the person who saved the company big. It’s time to be a speed hero.

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