Has Your ERP Support Relationship Lost Its Spark?

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When you embark on a business relationship you expect a certain level of service, quality and value to be delivered. And while many companies sell you on their excellence, they don’t always maintain it. So what is a business to do when a critical service is no longer being delivered in a satisfactory manner?

Look somewhere else.

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We’re not saying you should burn your bridges, but we are saying you deserve more. You deserve a support partner that offers your company the direct help, training, and guidance it needs to continually exceed customer expectations. And if things have gotten a little cold between you, it’s your business that’s on the line.

The cost of maintaining a failing business relationship is high. Frustrations, resources, errors and downtime do nothing to instill confidence and provide that feel good feeling. We’ve developed a short quiz to help you determine if it’s time to break-up with your current support organization, and go looking for something more fulfilling.
Don’t let a soured relationship negatively impact your business.

Test Your Relationship

There are 3 main parts of every support relationship that need to work in harmony in order for it to succeed. If one part starts to fail, rest assured the others aren’t far behind. And if more than one of these things is already failing? There may not be anything left to salvage.


  • If you have a problem, do you hesitate to contact your support partner?
  • Do you find that response wait times have increased to a frustrating level?
  • Do you have trouble reaching your assigned resource, even during urgent matters?
  • Are you without a back-up contact in case your main contact is unavailable?
  • Do you lack an effective issue resolution process?
  • Do you feel uninformed about your case progress or updates?


  • Do you find the technical resources lack sufficient knowledge about your product?
  • Does it take you exceedingly long to have your questions answered?
  • Do you find yourself unsatisfied with the information you receive in response to your questions?


  • Do you feel the quality assurance of your support is inadequate?
  • Do you find your invoices confusing, or lacking transparency?
  • Have you been promised one thing, but delivered another?

Now that you’ve taken some time to evaluate your situation, do you still think you’re in the right relationship? If the answer is no and you’re ready to move on, we have someone you should meet….

OUR support team!

Rand Group offers expert support for Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV as well as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft O365.

We will be there to support and guide you today and for the rest of our relationship. We are committed to you 100% because you’re important to us. We are committed to helping you use technology for business success – after all, that’s why you bought it!