Standard Doesn’t Mean Best Practice

Most times, solution partners work hard to sell you on their software and services before assessing your business. It’s much easier to sell you on an idea through flashy demo’s and feature sheets, than to perform an upfront assessment of your current situation, and work to determine the best approach to maximize your results. This approach is the industry standard, and generally results in the client paying for things they don’t need, then paying more to figure out how to use them. We don’t believe in following suit because it’s standard, we believe in doing the best job possible.

Rand Group’s UpFront Methodology

Rand Group’s UpFront Methodology

There’s a Better Way

Rand Group firmly believes in putting the client first, and that means putting effort into making every engagement simple and optimally effective.

We start every engagement with an UpFront Assessment, which means we examine your current state and evaluate your goals and desired business impact before we even think about the next steps. We remain completely unbiased throughout this process and deliver clear recommendations based explicitly on how to move your current business toward your determined goals. This eliminates frustration, reduces cost and scope, and ensures you’re getting the highest return on your investment.

Our Methodology is UpFront

Both our Implementation Methodology and Revenue Generation Methodology start in the UpFront Assessment phase, because doing the work up front is the only way to ensure success.

And we don’t just worry about the start. We’re there every step of the way working to ensure your project is successful and readily adopted by your entire team. By leveraging our tested User Adoption Methodology, our team will help guide your stakeholders and manage the change with your end-users throughout the process. Even the most innovative projects can be met with resistance if not properly managed, and we want you to realize the true value of any Rand Group solution up front, so we go the extra mile.

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.