How Much Does NetSuite Cost?

NetSuite offers a unique modular approach to subscription licensing for customers by providing product configurations designed to fit your business needs. It is generally accepted through any basic internet search that a standard user access is per user, per a month, plus a base licensing for emerging (small) businesses as well as base options for midmarket and enterprise companies. Additional monthly fees are added for advanced modules like manufacturing and eCommerce, plus add-ons for expansions such as warehouse management.

Subscribing to NetSuite ERP & CRM can be extremely beneficial to your company’s financial and operational success, which is why it’s important to fully understand the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for a NetSuite solution so you might accurately compare to other business application options you may be evaluating. We believe through this TCO comparison you will see how NetSuite can be the best fit and Time-to-Value option in the industry.

Like any robust software, we highly recommend your evaluation and eventual migration to NetSuite be guided by professional consultants so that the engine behind your business’ accounting and reporting is implemented correctly and your team is trained on how to properly use the functionality within the software suite. To unlock the potential of NetSuite’s subscription model, work with a NetSuite Partner like Rand Group, who will take a consultative approach during the discovery phase, assist you with requirements gathering, and help your team better understand precisely which modules you will need, including the associated subscription cost.

NetSuite Cost: Base Package

The standard NetSuite package includes ERP features such as general ledger, A/R, A/P, bank management, item and inventory management, order management, purchasing, expense reporting, and productivity tools. It includes the CRM functionality of marketing automation, sales force automation, and customer service management.

For information about base package cost, visit our NetSuite pricing page to learn more.


NetSuite offers pre-packaged solutions that cover core business segments within various industries.

Each edition includes features beyond the standard ERP and CRM capabilities included in the base package. The manufacturing edition includes assembly management, work orders, shop floor control, and cost allocation. Wholesale/distribution offers inventory/order fulfillment and eCommerce. Software covers advanced financials, revenue recognition, contracts management, and billing. The services edition includes professional services automation and eCommerce. SRP features resource management, project delivery, billing, and financial management and forecasting. Retail offers merchandising, marketing, business intelligence, and channel integration. Finally, retail commerce includes SuiteCommerce, advanced merchandising and financials, and a POS module.

The cost of each NetSuite edition ranges so consult with Rand Group for subscription pricing.

Add-On Modules

Several add-on modules are available to license in order to meet specific business requirements or needs. You can add these modules at any time during your subscription term. If you need to remove a module you no longer need, this can be done at the time of your contract renewal.

NetSuite Cost: Licensing

As NetSuite is a SaaS product, it follows a ‘per-user fee’ model of licensing. The NetSuite cost for your product will depend on the number of end users and the type of use they need.

For information about base package pricing, visit our detailed NetSuite pricing page now.

Dedicated Service Tiers

NetSuite is deployed in the public cloud in a multi-tenant environment. However, for those that require greater control and scalability, dedicated service tiers are available.

Each service tier affects service characteristics such as upgrade schedule, data size limits, maximum number of users, availability characteristics, and maximum number of SuiteCloud Plus licenses. In conjunction with Service Tiers, NetSuite offers SuiteCloud Plus licensing for high-traffic customers to be able to increase throughput by allowing greater concurrency.

If you are considering a dedicated service tier pricing surrounding these tiers can be provided by Rand Group here.

Contract Duration

The minimum amount of time you can license NetSuite for is one year. You may sign up for a maximum three-year term if you wish to do so. A longer subscription term often makes the most sense, as you can ensure a predictable price-point for multiple years. Additionally, your license costs can sometimes come with a discount if you commit to a longer time frame.

NetSuite Cost: SuiteSuccess

SuiteSuccess is both a methodology and product offering for companies seeking faster time-to-value. It comes with full NetSuite suite capability, including ERP, CRM, PSA, Omnichannel commerce, HR, and Business Intelligence. It contains pre-configured workflows, KPIs, reports, dashboards, and metrics that are tailored to your industry and role. It is designed to be implemented in 100 days or less and provide rapid business value.

Provided that this pre-configured solution suits your business needs, SuiteSuccess can help you make the most out of your NetSuite investment. Rand Group can provide you with pricing options surrounding SuiteSuccess licenses.

Implementation Costs and Packages

Implementation costs can differ depending on the solution provider, the level of service offered, and components involved.

Here at Rand Group, we offer a variety of fixed price package to help emerging companies get up and running quickly to realize a strong time-to-value. Specific details of our packages can be found in our NetSuite Pricing page.

Support Costs

When you license NetSuite, standard NetSuite tech support comes included. However, relying on a solution provider such as Rand Group for your support needs often provides the most benefit, as your provider will have the most context when it comes to your NetSuite instance, customizations, integrations, and users.

Rand Group offers a Business Advantage Support program that provides full support beyond implementation. We give you access to local, knowledgeable staff familiar with your system, with a guaranteed response time and 24/7 support. The program is fully tailored to meet your needs, with business, technical, and accounting support options available to you.

Why Purchase NetSuite with Rand Group?

Purchasing your NetSuite licenses from Rand Group allows you to build a long-term relationship with a partner that takes the time to understand your business and works closely with you through every step of the process – from initial contact to post-implementation support and training.

With over 600+ clients and thousands of projects under our belt, Rand Group improves our clients’ businesses through our years of experience and the thoughtful application of technology. We don’t want to increase the frustration of your staff, we want to reduce it. Our people offer a complex matrix of unique qualifications to deliver the best business application of today’s technology. With a core of professional accountants and business management experts, we know more than just how technology works. We know what works for you. And when and where it best applies to your business. In other words, Rand Group is your complete front to back strategist when it comes to simplifying the use of technology to elevate your business.

When you purchase NetSuite with Rand Group, you are receiving a dedicated partner that has your best interests at heart. With a 90% client retention rate, a proven methodology for project success, and industry-informed tailored solutions, Rand Group can help your NetSuite implementation deliver transformative business value.

For more detailed information about NetSuite pricing options, visit our NetSuite Pricing page.

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