Are Your Systems Up to Par?

You have invested in the right applications. But they are not providing the end-to-end solution you require or the return on investment you expect. Time is wasted on processing requests manually – time that could be better spent on achieving your business objectives.

You want to become faster and stronger and need your enterprise applications to support your goals rather than hinder them. Does this mean you must invest time and money in implementing a completely new system; or is there a better, more cost-effective solution?

Case Study: How Business Process Automation Provided a Competitive Advantage

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Automate & Integrate to Maximize Your Results

Automating and integrating your enterprise applications boosts your operational efficiency while reducing risks and human intervention. The end result is a seamless enterprise-wide information system.
However, if you are using customized applications or integrating multiple applications, this can be difficult to do on your own. Rand Group provides the answer to simplify these processes with a comprehensive Business Process Automation solution.

We provide significant ROI by automating:

  • Time and Expense Reporting
  • Invoice and Expense Reporting
  • Payroll and HR Status or Election Changes
  • Authorizations for Capital Expenditure
  • Asset Transfer Requests
  • Requisition Entry and Processing

Our Business Process Automation Software will enhance your:

  • Customer Relationships
  • ROI on Information Assets
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Control, Accuracy and Reliability
  • Accountability

More information is also available on our Workflow Automation page.

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Go Beyond the Hype

Rand Group combines the business acumen of former practicing certified public accountants and industry specialists with the technology expertise of software developers, database engineers and process improvement specialists. Our teams deliver complete Business Process Automation Solutions tailored to your needs.

Today’s business applications must go beyond the hype and deliver tangible, measurable results. Our unique blend of accounting, business process, and technology expertise helps you overcome challenges and generate real return on your application investment.

See below how Kimberly-Clark Corporation is saving resources and taking full advantage of visibility into its operations with a K2 BPA solution:

In a product driven world we still believe relationships, partnerships and service are what matters most.

A cornerstone of your experience with Rand Group is timely, accurate and professional response. And, unlike many software resellers, the professional who implements your Business Process Automation Solution is the person who sold it to you. What we sell, we deliver.

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