Workflow Automation Overcomes Your Biggest Human Obstacle

It’s the fundamental of any business. Routine tasks that get performed daily, monthly and annually. And as companies expand in scope, the tasks associated with each of these objectives grow exponentially.

Once upon a time it was easy to recall what to do in any given situation. But now with front line staff taking charge of far more complex roles, it’s become imperative that everyone follow a carefully designed process so that business can clearly see that their objectives are being met.

To keep your business functioning at its highest level, you need to provide your organization with efficient automated tools that will trigger a consistent response. This allows everyone to relax knowing that the routine tasks of any business are taken care of. Now little has been left to chance. The result? More room for your trusted team to think up new ways to get things done.

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Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Repetitive tasks can be fraught with failures. The mere fact things are done over and over again can lead to complacency. Automated workflows that include trigger points make the tasks obvious, which increases both productivity and efficiency.

When you add automated workflow capability to your organization, you get to design precisely what you wish to track and what events you want to trigger. This gives you an edge over your competition, which may still be relying on human frailties to get things done.

Designed with You in Mind

Working in partnership with select vendors, Rand Group is able to provide premium workflow automations, which can be designed to work within your current ERP environment.

We can help you organize your daily business affairs and quickly assess which tasks need to be accomplished first.

Control Common Business Tasks

Financial Management

  • End of month & end of year
  • Fixed assets
  • Journal approvals
  • Customer credit limit alerts
  • New bank accounts
Operational Management

  • Purchase orders
  • Foreign orders and special orders
  • Service orders and task management
  • New Vendors
  • Contract management
Human Resources

  • Workflows for recruitment, new hires,
    complaints and termination
  • Relocation workflow
  • Position change
  • Certification expiry alert
  • Review notification

  • Contract management
  • Sales orders & pricing updates
  • Quotes and approvals
  • Shipment workflows and overdue notifications
  • Customer complaint workflow

  • Workflows for new product updates
  • Maintenance of product licenses
  • Workflows for new equipment

Flexible Solution for Your Right-Sized Business

No matter what size of business you operate, Rand Group can provide you with a product that will meet your needs and specifications.

Using our integrated solution approach, and we can ensure the workflow system meshes seamlessly with any one of the following software products:

Rand Group makes certain your workflow works for you. You might also want to consider how an ERP system can assist you with business process automation.

Rand Group is a K2 authorized partner of K2 Appit which allows for workflow automation via Microsoft Sharepoint. We also work in partnership with Agiles, a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner that provides the Agiles Workflow Add-on to help companies organize their daily business affairs and quickly assess which tasks need to be accomplished first.

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Reduce Your Steps to Success

At Rand Group we smooth the path so that you can get the most out of automation as quickly as possible. We design and provide solutions for maximum ease of use. Our implementation team makes sure your employees get a quick grasp of how to work with the product so you maximize the features and benefits as quickly as possible.

Be the Business You Want to Be
Extend your brand by automating your business’s workflow. A more efficient business means you get to spend more time creating and maintaining personal business connections, all while providing premium support to your clients.

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