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When it comes to ERP and CRM implementations, complexity doesn’t have to equal frustration.

Rand Group knows that software implementations can be overwhelming. Between selecting the solution and configuring it to match your business need, there are many variables to consider. Add to that transferring data, managing change across your organization and re-training staff on how to perform their tasks, and the whole world of business management solutions can seem insurmountable. You know the margin for error is high, and whether from personal experience or anecdotal peer review, you understand that simplicity in software implementation is rare. You could change all that.

Market Analysis: A Review of the Overall (Economic) Position of the Top 6 ERP Vendors

This whitepaper provides a high-level, objective overview of leading software vendors Epicor, Infor, Microsoft, Oracle, Sage and SAP.Focusing on the financial and organizational strengths and weaknesses of each, …

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Our Experience Delivers

With Rand Group you get the power and knowledge you need to enter into an implementation without reservation; and complete it, without frustration.

That’s because the team of consummate professionals working for Rand Group are not only familiar with the business management solutions we deliver, but also with your specific industry niche. We take our years of experience and know-how and create implementation plans based on past successes and careful planning. We do the work upfront, so you don’t suffer the consequences of errors caused by haste.

“ This is the best ERP implementation I have ever been associated with. ”

Brian Recatto

Rand Group utilizes our UpFront Methodology to ensure seamless implementations from start to finish. Through extensive project work, we’ve perfected our method and discovered the most efficient way to manage a successful ERP implementation, regardless of scope or complexity. We follow a proven process because repeatability and surety are the keys to frustration free software.

It’s About the Process and the People

We couple our careful planning and implementation methodology with a highly skilled technical team and resources to ensure you get continuity in service. Our diligent and capable project team will guide you through the process; managing your expectations and helping you make the right decisions, while the project lead keeps careful control of budgets, scopes and timelines. By keeping your project team the same from start to finish, we eliminate frustrations, build trust and further streamline the process.

With Rand Group you get full transparency. We don’t oversell, under quote or hide fees. We provide honest, upfront information to help guide your decision, and then work with you to get the job done. We set realistic expectations, and then focus on exceeding them.

When you couple a practical approach with highly talented resources software implementations don’t have to be complicated.

Don’t Let Your System Leave You Stranded

Did you know that an unmanaged ERP system leads to unexpected downtime? Downtime that costs up to $74,000 per hour. It also leads to slow response time and performance issues that negatively impacts the entire organization.

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