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Choosing software is an involved process, and it needs to be taken seriously. While many software solutions offer similar features and functionality, making an informed choice means understanding how the software works for your industry and the way you do business. Above all, your choice must be based on your specific needs. What works for one company won’t necessarily work for another, and making the wrong choice is not only costly, it can ruin your business.

We Manage Complexity Without Frustration

Making a significant business investment can be stressful, which is why we eliminate the unknowns and present you with the facts UpFront. To maximize the return on your investment, we provide you with all the information you need to make the most informed decision, and offer unbiased guidance throughout the ERP selection process – nothing is overlooked, and everything is on the table. Our proven selection process means we are expertly prepared to help you make a sound decision reducing your risk of project failure or costly overruns. We provide practical software recommendations based on the needs of your business and prove it works before you make an investment decision. With help from Rand Group, your ERP software selection process won’t be frustrating.

We Start Where You Need It Most

Rand Group knows that square one isn’t the same for every client, and we’re prepared to support you from any stage of the selection process.

We offer independent ERP selection services as well as Microsoft Dynamics ERP implementations:

  • When hired in a ERP selection consultancy capacity we disqualify ourselves from the actual deployment of the software so that there is no risk of conflict of interest.


Our consultants have experience with all of the major ERP brands and more importantly, we can separate the facts from the marketing hype of most ERP vendors assisting in better choices for the client.

We provide complete software assessment services, which evaluate your current management solution and help you understand the full business impact of making a change. If you’ve already selected a new solution, our experts can help validate your choice, and offer guidance in the area of requirements gathering, cost analysis, building a business case, and more.

At Rand Group, with our ERP software selection services it isn’t about what we offer, it’s about what you need. We never put the product first, and we strive to deliver viable, process driven ERP solutions that facilitate the success of your business.

“ Rand Group is the best consulting company I have worked with in twenty years. ”

John Olivier
IT Director

If you’re considering a new business management or accounting software solution, Rand Group is here to help. We ask the right questions, we get to know your business, and we offer professional service to help guide your decision.

Don’t Let Your System Leave You Stranded

Did you know that an unmanaged ERP system leads to unexpected downtime? Downtime that costs up to $74,000 per hour. It also leads to slow response time and performance issues that negatively impacts the entire organization.

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