Secure Your Most Valuable Assets – Information

An intranet is local network that uses technology to create a site that is accessible only to employees of a company. It operates like the intranet in that it uses similar technologies like SMTP and HTTP, but the public doesn’t have access.

Within this intranet lies the portal – your personalized place where you can store a wide range of resources and information to make your business operate as efficiently as possible.

A well-constructed intranet can help you with the following:

Business Intelligence

Process Automation


Organizational Change

9 Best Practices to Ensure Your Intranet is a Success

The benefits of a well-oiled intranet machine are hard to understate. It is estimated the average mid-sized company can gain $5 million per year in increased employee productivity …

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Quick and Easy Access to All

Nothing bogs down business more than the incessant search for information. New employees can waste countless hours trying to navigate their way through file folders without getting the information they need. A Human Resources section on your portal can do away with that.

Then there’s the runaway train of technology, where everyone is able to tweak documents even when they shouldn’t. A Template section on your portal ensures everyone has the latest version accessible at any one time.

Establishing a document management portal – places all the information right at your employees’ fingertips, ensuring your company is delivering clear and consistent communication to all departments no matter whether they are in the same building, or across the country.

Build Collaboration into Your Business

Collaboration isn’t as easy as it once was. We’re physically far flung, and technologically advanced. A single critical document could go through the hands of the entire team of a dozen people. Before you know it there are multiple revisions, and worse yet, multiple versions. Everyone is not on the same page.

The use of intranets changes all that. Now everyone can view the document together, making revisions that everyone can see. The process is streamlined, everyone understands what’s taking place, and now your team has a chance to be the best team.

Increase Revenue with One Simple Step

Time is money. So, saving time means saving money. And that’s good for the bottom line. Cutting back on the time your employees spend searching for documents, means there’s more time to do revenue-producing work. It’s that simple.

A portal creates a one-stop shop for all your frequently accessed documents, regardless of format.

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