Frustrated with Your Application?

You do not simply expect your business applications to run smoothly and efficiently, you need them to. Sluggish performance, slow response times and other frequent errors can dismantle a productive workflow and otherwise frustrate staff, management and shareholders. If you’re not getting optimal performance from your business applications, the results can impact your entire organization.

Consider this scenario: system issues mean the accounting department is unable to run reports in a timely fashion, which means they are late to close the books. This frustrates them and it frustrates you. Management is then forced to present partial, erroneous or outdated information to shareholders, and decisions are made on best guesses, not facts. These decisions can have a negative impact on the company as a whole, and create a cascading effect of dissatisfaction that erodes morale and results in unhappy workers who produce subpar work.

This is a real risk when your applications are under performing. Even if the result isn’t company-wide, the frustration felt by the affected department can impact your entire organization. Performance issues need to be addressed, before working around them is no longer an option.

We Can Ease the Strain.

At Rand Group, we are experts in diagnosing performance issues and mitigating their associated risks. We start by reviewing the application in question, and tactically assessing the items that could be causing less than optimal performance. We shadow your real employees and determine which functions are failing, and then perform the same functions while running diagnostics to get real life metrics. We review the components that could impact your specific application concerns, and the information we’ve generated, to help you solve your problems.


  • Perform a complete evaluation of your SQL server configuration
  • Run profiler tools against your SQL server to determine if there are poorly written queries
  • Determine if you have inappropriately configured SQL server indexes
  • Assess your underlying infrastructure
  • Review current customizations

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Once we’ve completed a full assessment, we are able to report our findings and recommend a course of action. We deliver valuable insight into the situation, so that you may make quick and impactful business decisions. Issues can be simple changes to configuration, or require a scale out of infrastructure in order to support additional users or batch processes. Whatever the problem we can quickly and easily provide you with the right resolution and get your business running optimally. We can also help uncover additional issues outside your application that might be impacting your performance. Our report includes all the information you need to start improving your performance immediately.

Don’t Settle for a Slow System

Streamline your server environment and improve application performance by 10X.

If you’re running a business management application such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics AX or Microsoft Dynamics CRM or SharePoint, and notice the performance is lacking, let us help eliminate the frustration.

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Every business needs an advantage, and Rand Group can provide one for you. Our clients enjoy fast resolutions, pragmatic approaches and above par dedication from our qualified technical and accounting resources. We run with a 90% client satisfaction rate, and we’re ready to help give your business the advantage it needs to compete and win over your competition.