Ever-Escalating Cost of Your IT Getting You Down?

Do you feel you get real business results from the money invested in your IT?  Are your staff raving fans of your IT systems and its ease of use?

There’s nothing executives regret more than wasted resources, yet that’s exactly what occurs every day in thousands of businesses across the country – they’re investing in IT without reaping the correlated business results from the investment.  Unlike any other area in your business, IT has the least amount of governance and oversight because most executives know the least about the discipline.

Mobile computing, Cloud computing, Big Data, hardware and software. Wireless technology, Wi-Fi, and websites. Smartphones, iPads. But how does any of this stuff deliver results to your business? Without a strategy, it’s uncontrolled at best.

And therein lies the waste, and the litany of user complaints that go along with it:

  • Ever escalating IT budgets, with no relief in site
  • Lack of direct results related to IT expense
  • Inconsistent reporting data at management meetings (wasting everyone’s time)
  • System instability
  • Security issues
  • Employees opting to bring their own device

Are You a High-Spend or Low-Spend IT Organization?

Couple the lack of direct results with the level of spend in most organizations and we have more indigestion.  Most companies have never examined their current level of IT spend against known benchmarks to determine if they are a high, medium or low spend company.  Not that high spend is bad if you are in fact a large bank or insurance company, then you can expect to be a high spender in IT to protect the assets of your clients.  However if you are a retailer or manufacturer what percent of revenue should you invest in IT to get the best result?  No executive wants to be known as a high spender in IT, they want to be known as a prudent diligent investor to get the required results for their shareholders.

Find Out How Your IT Budget Stacks Up

Is your IT strategy where it should be? Get your IT outlook today. Rand Group has identified four critical areas that influence your IT spend. And with our assessment one …

Start Your IT Budget Assessment

IT Strategy is Directly Linked to Your Business Strategy

If you do not have an IT strategy now then you need to consider the benefits of aligning your IT resources against the business objectives you are trying to achieve.  A well thought out IT strategy is linked directly to the business impact needed to deliver your overall plan over a multi-year period.

Control Your IT Spend and Get the Results

Too many IT teams just grab the latest technology and run with it.

That’s not strategy, that’s a way to get yourself in the high spend category for sure.

Rand Group’s IT Strategy consulting services unpack your business, looking at every aspect through the technology lens so you don’t miss an opportunity. And we’re equipped to handle the next five years when the internet generation truly infuses the working population.

Rand Group’s IT Strategy examines:

  • Your Business Mission, Vision, Plan and Objectives
  • Evaluates alignment of IT to plan
  • Looks at what you spend now versus the benchmarks
  • Assesses the competency of your overall IT team
  • Surveys executives and users for issues
  • Evaluates the Network, Security and Application Architecture
  • Examines your plan to leverage Cloud and Mobile computing
  • Looks at the latest trends in your industry

Once done, we deliver to your organization:

  1. An IT Strategy
  2. A detailed infrastructure risk assessment
  3. A comprehensive assessment of production applications like ERP, Office etc. and lifecycle management.
  4. A comprehensive 3 year action plan of what should take place and in what order
  5. A high level budget alignment process to get your IT spend within acceptable benchmarks

You’re In Great Hands

Rand Group works with best in class companies and organizations, such as the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH) and the Houston Symphony, to align short & long term technology planning, budgeting and business strategy to mitigate risk and maximize growth.

Houston Symphony IT Strategy

Media Release: Rand Group’s technology expertise is music to Houston Symphony

Houston Symphony, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, and Houston Public Media, all use Rand Group for IT Strategy Consulting Services.

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