Control Your Equipment

The equipment you rent is serious business. From large machinery for oilfield service to heavy duty construction equipment, the items you rent are the keys to your revenue. You can’t afford to let maintenance lapse, lose track of inventory or have equipment tied up in unscheduled maintenance. Your machines need to be working at optimum levels and readily available for your customer’s next big job.

Trying to manage contracts, schedule your assets to maximize utilization, maintain a readily available replacement parts inventory and keep your equipment on a carefully planned maintenance schedule requires more than just a spreadsheet of assets. Your equipment is too important to your business to let anything get out of control.

Optimize Your Rental Business

Rand Group knows the complexities of the equipment rental industry and offers tested software solutions to help you get the most out of your inventory. We offer complete end-to-end business management software solutions for those in equipment rentals which can:

  • Help you manage contracts: keep better track of your contracts, insure accuracy and provide improved customer service by allowing for more flexible contract terms.
  • Improve utilization: with real-time access to information about contracts and maintenance schedules, you can more effectively utilize your resources and optimize their time on site.
  • Keep your equipment running: keep practical maintenance schedules, optimize replacement parts inventory, automatically flag returned equipment for maintenance and keep better track of breakage, so your equipment remains available when your clients need it most.
  • Maintain accurate records: manage inventory, track out of commission equipment and account for the depreciation of assets, so you always know the value of your equipment.
  • Improve service: know more about your equipment including rental terms and return times, enable all staff to access equipment details and improve your billing efficiency and accuracy for more satisfied customers, vendors and staff.
  • And more…
With an equipment rental management software solution from Rand Group you will feel more confident in the equipment you rent, the contracts you create and the inventory you carry. Our solutions can give you the insight you need to make more informed decisions and help you better control the way your equipment is rented, returned and maintained. Know more about how, when and where your equipment is used so you can better manage the lifestyle of your assets.

Our solutions don’t only help you with the rental component of your business, but also with all of your accounting and financials, purchasing, job cost, fleet maintenance, customer relationships and analysis.

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