April 2011 Construction & Real Estate Newsletter Convergence 2013

Rand Group thanks you for subscribing to our Construction and Real Estate Newsletter. We hope you find the information useful and informative. We offer free webinars to help you leverage your business. Please view our Webinar Topics below and join us! If you have any questions or suggestions for future webinar topics, please send them to events@thewww.randgroup.com.

FREE Upcoming Webinars from Rand Group

Rand Group is hosting a series of FREE webinars over the next couple of months. Learn how you can maximize your investment of Sage Timberline. Registration is limited, be sure to register today!
Topics Include:

    • Timberline Reporting Methods – What Are Your Choices? – There are numerous ways to extract data from Timberline. This webinar will focus on the three methods for creating reports that run from within Timberline: the Timberline Report Designer, the Timberline Financial Statement Designer and Business Objects Crystal Reports for Timberline. Learn the pros of each and why and when one is preferred over another. Learn what makes the most sense for your company so that you can make choices about training your staff to produce your own reports.
      April 19thWeb Session1:30 PM CSTRegister Now
      April 26thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


    • Save Time & Money Using Estimating to Job Cost Interface – Do you ever get tired of re-keying the same budget estimate numbers from Estimating into Job Cost? Have you ever spent all afternoon trying to find the one keystroke error that is keeping your new job estimate from balancing with your estimator’s budget? Is it a wrong cost code? Did I transpose two numbers or maybe even three while doing my manual entry?
      Come learn how to take advantage of the power of Sage Timberline Office to make your job setup process more efficient.

      May 17thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now
      May 24thWeb Session1:30 PM CSTRegister Now


    • Are you REALLY Done with Your Year-End? – April 15th is now a memory, and for many folks that means they are finally done with their year-end.
      W2’s and 1099’s were printed in January, and filed with the IRS; the auditors have come and gone and now your financials are up to date. Year – End is done, right?
      Have you considered archiving your data to reduce time spent conditioning your inquires and reports to minimize the time spent sifting volumes of data? Join us as we explore when and how to archive your data.

      April 19thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now
      April 26thWeb Session1:30 PM CSTRegister Now
      May 19thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


    • Make It Personal with the Sage Desktop – Sage Timberline Office Desktop is the centerpiece of Sage Timberline Office. From Sage Timberline Office Desktop, you can open Sage Timberline Office applications, third-party applications, files, and web pages. You can also open individual Sage Timberline Office tasks without opening their associated applications, minimizing your keystrokes when locating a favorite report.
      This session will help you understand the components of the Sage Timberline Office Desktop window, how to start tasks from Sage Timberline Office Desktop and much, much more.

      May 17thWeb Session1:30 PM CSTRegister Now
      May 24thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


    • Reduce Overhead and Costly Overruns with MyAssistant – Our customers frequently ask us how other Sage Timberline Office customers are addressing common business needs. For example, how are Timberline Office customers going paperless with electronic Direct Deposit pay stubs amd auditing the information in Sage Timberline Office to help ensure correct reports.
      Many Sage Timberline Office customers use MyAssistant software to automate the above and many other tasks.

      May 19thWeb Session1:30 PM CSTRegister Now
      May 26thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


    • Increase Productivity with Excel and Timberline – Dramatically improve how you share and work with your most vital information from within Excel using a real time, integrated connection to your data. Create your report once and refresh your data on demand with Office Connector. Intelligent Excel-based reporting for Sage Timberline Office, offers you advantages you never thought possible. Join us for a free online demonstration. Improve any of the reports you currently depend on by creating them faster and with less effort than ever before.
      April 21stWeb Session1:00 PM CSTRegister Now
      April 28thWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


    • Automate the AP Routing and Approval Process – It’s now so easy to stay on top of the approval process and never lose track of invoices on approver’s desks.
      TimberScan is a paperless A/P approval system designed specifically for Timberline. It will automatically route invoices to the right approver based on your business rules. It’s easy to use and quick to implement and it provides exceptional reporting. TimberScan can greatly improve your efficiency and productivity.

      April 21stWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now
      April 28thWeb Session1:30 PM CSTRegister Now
      May 26thWeb Session1:30 PM CSTRegister Now


    • Significantly Increase Reporting Speed with SQL Replication – Join us for a free online webinar that will show you how anterraDataCenter merges an unlimited number of Sage Timberline Office data folders into a single Microsoft SQL data warehouse. This increases the speed of your reports significantly, allows you to report across all of your data folders and lets you archive your data to improve system performance.
      May 23rdWeb Session10:30 AM CSTRegister Now


  • SharePoint Business Intelligence for Construction and Real Estate – Join us for a free online webinar that will show you how business intelligence works. Topics include business intelligence concepts, dashboards, scorecards, drill through reports and an explanation of the underlying technology.
    We’ll also give an introduction to best practices for business intelligence to help you gain insight into your business operations.

    May 23rdWeb Session1:30 PM CSTRegister Now


Don’t miss the educational event of the year for Sage customers.

No matter how long you’ve been using your Sage solution, you can do more and you can learn more. That’s what Sage Summit is all about. It’s the annual conference for Sage customers, taking place July 12-15, 2011 on the banks of the Potomac outside Washington, DC.

Sage Summit is packed with a wealth of content that will enable you to gain a more complete understanding of your Sage solution’s capabilities and how to use and apply them. This is an event that starts delivering value from the moment you arrive. Key takeaways include:

  • Concrete knowledge and skills to help take full advantage of your Sage solutions
  • Valuable information and real-world experiences from other Sage software users
  • Expert answers to specific product questions you?ve been wrestling with
  • Trends, insight, and guidance from thought leaders in your industry
  • Product roadmaps highlighting new features and enhancements

Rand Group is pleased to offer our clients a special discount code, which you can use to SAVE $200.00 on your Sage Summit registration. Enter PTOC10 when you are prompted for a discount code. Then enter Rand Group when asked to provide your business partner company name. (Please note: Code may not be combined with other discounts or promotions.)

The 2011 TUG National Users Conference & Workshops

The 2011 TUG National Users Conference & Workshops will be held April 26-29, 2011, at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas. The conference is designed to bring together expert users, new users and potential users of the Sage Timberline Office Software to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.

With an anticipated attendance of over 500 people, this conference is the perfect place to find answers to your questions, meet with Sage representatives and collaborate on ideas for future upgrades. Additionally, if you are working toward certification, this conference offers many opportunities to earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits. For complete conference details, visit http://tugweb.com/ and REGISTER TODAY!

Sage Upcoming Promotions

TUG Conference April 26-29, 2011 Special – Only available to attendees during the conference.

  • Purchase 4 or more additional modules or user licenses and receive a 20% discount.
  • Purchase 3 additional modules or user licenses and receive a 10% discount.
  • Purchase 2 additional modules or user licenses and receive a 5% discount.

Sage Summit July 12-15, 2011 Conference Special – Only available to attendees during the conference.

  • Purchase 4 or more additional modules or user licenses and receive a 30% discount.
  • Purchase 3 additional modules or user licenses and receive a 20% discount.
  • Purchase 2 additional modules or user licenses and receive a 15% discount.

Please contact Kerrie Schupp at kschupp@thewww.randgroup.com or 866.714.8422 for full promotion details and quotes.

– Software Delivered as Promised. No Surprises.