Dynamics101.com, On-Demand Microsoft Dynamics Training Center Launched

Rand Group – a top Microsoft Dynamics partner – has recently launched Dynamics101.com, a web-based knowledge center that helps end-users get the most out of their Microsoft business solutions. Through apt articles, videos, demos, and screencasts written by technical experts at Rand Group, Dynamics101.com users are provided with a holistic learning center where they can explore specific functions and learn about features they may be underutilizing in their system.

Houston, Texas – April 4, 2013 – Rand Group is a team of consummate professionals with the experience and know-how to tackle the most challenging technical problems. As part of their ongoing commitment to educating end-users on the wide range of features and functionality inherent in Microsoft Dynamics solutions, Rand Group has launched an online learning resource where users can find help with technical questions, look for ways to better utilize their system, and expand their personal knowledge base.

Online technical resources aren’t new, but Dynamics101.com is unique in that the content is exclusively dedicated to Microsoft business solutions, and is written by experienced Rand Group professionals (some of whom are CPAs) who develop, implement, customize and support these very solutions. What’s more, since Rand Group offers services across multiple Microsoft business lines, as well as for different industrial verticals and business needs, the information is written in response to specific, real-life technical issues. Rather than a collection of articles that relate to simple functionality in an attempt to cover basic and generic inquiries, Dynamics101.com aims to be a source for more robust and valuable content.

With categories for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX, NAV and GP, as well as Microsoft SharePoint and SQL, Dynamics101 provides content from beginner to expert, offering everything from simple How To’s, to step by step instructions for more complex processes. The contributing writers share a variety of backgrounds and experience with the applications, so the topics cross the expanse from the everyday, to the more specific and complex.

“Searching online yields a lot of useful information, but we’ve noticed a significant lack of value when you start inquiring about the more specific things you’re trying to accomplish. We wanted a place our clients could go to help facilitate self-education, while driving them to get the most out of their solutions. With Dynamics101.com we can control the type of content we put out, ensuring we run the gamut of complexity and can start to answer some of our most frequently asked questions. What’s more, this offers users a complete look at how some of the integrations and functionality work in real world scenarios, and can save valuable time and effort. Overtime, we anticipate Dynamics101.com to be a highly relevant content library for anyone in the Microsoft solution space,” says William Wu, Executive Vice President at Rand Group.

Rand Group has been working diligently over the past year to grow their business and expand their market share. Part of their overall commitment to remaining a top Microsoft partner includes consistently working towards innovation, and offering end-users of all types the opportunity to better manage their own learning. The expertise on staff at Rand Group lends itself to creating the kind of content people are seeking, and Dynamics101.com is poised to become a pinnacle resource for help with Microsoft business solutions.

To learn more about Dynamics101.com, visit http://www.dynamics101.com.

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