Hire For Fit, Train For Skill

It used to be when you wanted a job you applied for it and, if you were lucky enough, they would hire and train you to work there forever. The world shifted, and it became more about getting an education and applying that knowledge to your career. People used to stay in jobs for years, decades even, and never think twice about their “next big move” or “where they saw themselves in 5 years”. No, those weren’t questions we ever asked; it was just assumed you’d be fundamentally in the same spot in 5 years, and that you would be happy.

Over the years, things have shifted dramatically. With changes in technology, the ability to work remotely or abroad, and the vast expanse of possible careers ever growing, traditional ways of being employed are a thing of the past. No one expects you to commit a 20 year life sentence to the same monotonous job anymore; they want to keep their teams fresh and full of new ideas.

They want you to continue to grow and develop yourself, so they may reap the benefits, then send you on your merry way.

You can’t just be skilled at your task. Employers want you to be an expert at it, and then some. Gone are the days of a single, focused career. You must be multi-functional, you must keep up with the marketplace, and you must fit into the corporate culture. The business world shifts at lightning speed, and if you have any desire to keep up, you best keep learning.

With the sheer amount of information available, the need to continue learning has never been more important.

We’ve recently begun hiring, both for ourselves and on behalf of some of our clients. As someone who did a brief stint as a recruiter at an agency, it’s interesting to see how much things have already changed. Even amongst all this change the mantra “hire for fit, train for skill” has always rung loudly in my ears when thinking about making a hiring decision, and I think it is a good place to start.

Sometimes, people have all the right skills on paper, but when considered in light of your company’s vision, your corporate culture and the attitude you want to demonstrate to your client base, you just can’t justify proceeding with the decision to hire. Other times, the person’s skills are only somewhat aligned with the job role you’re trying to fill, but they just feel like the right candidate. If you’re really lucky, the person will have exactly the skills and personality you want; but that can be hard to find.

The bottom line is this: your company needs the kind of energy and fresh ideas that will result in the highest success rate.

Sometimes, the perfect candidate isn’t the person who is most qualified from a skills position. Sometimes, the perfect candidate is simply the person who will work effectively in your unique business.

The world gets increasingly complex, and with advances in Cloud computing, social media and search marketing, it is important for your company to really understand what they are looking for, and why.

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