Stretch Out Your B2B Marketing Content

Before you figure out how to re-purpose your B2B marketing content you need to define what exactly inbound marketing is.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • White papers, webinars and podcasts
  • Blogs & Social Media

In case you looked at that question and weren’t too sure what can be labeled inbound marketing, here’s my version of the definition:

Inbound marketing is creating incredible content so that when your customers find it they are so impressed that they share it across their social media networks.

Before you start thinking of how best to stretch your existing resources across inbound marketing channels, let me remind you that with the plethora of information currently available online, magnetic content is key. I’m now going to assume that you’ve accumulated some captivating B2B marketing content that reflects exactly what your buyers are searching for.

How do you go about re-purposing B2B marketing content?

Let me count the ways!

White Papers 

  • Chances are you have a variety of white papers at your disposal. Find one section, rewrite it if you need to and create a blog post with the call to action being the white paper download.

Case Studies

  • Turn case studies from one industry into a white paper highlighting the main successes of each company.


  • Put an except up on your blog from your eBook, encouraging readers to download the full copy.


  • Take the notes from a slide deck and write a blog post or white paper.
  • If you have a very active Q&A session, publish it in a blog post and promote it through your social media channels.
  • Post the slides from your webinar on SlideShare, then sync that SlideShare content to your LinkedIn account through the integrated app.


  • Get a transcript of the podcast and depending on the length, create a blog post or white paper.


  • Easiest blog post possible: list (and link to!) blog posts for the previous month.
  • Take 5-10 blog posts that are relevant to each other and repurpose it into an eBook.

Social Media

  • Always add links to your content on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.
  • Expand your content’s reach by joining industry related groups on LinkedIn.  Include a link to your content when replying to posts.
  • Take a poll on your social media sites (both LinkedIn and Facebook have polling features) and publish the results in a blog post as industry insight.
  • Give active twitter users a hashtag during a webinar or event. The do a search and turn the tweets into a blog post.

Other Creative Ways

  • Training new employees by doing a step-by-step demonstration? Capture it! Put it up on YouTube and add it to your resources page. You can also transcribe the training session so you have written instructions – turn them into a series of blog posts about ‘tips & tricks’.
  • Create a ‘kit’ of information. You’ve got blog posts, videos, and whitepapers that all pertain to one vertical (e.g. manufacturing). Bundle it up, put it behind a form. Your customer will be thankful that they don’t have to search your site for all of the relevant information.
  • Is your CEO doing a speech that includes industry or company news? Record it! You can turn it into a podcast, a gated article or even a blog post.
  • Ask your sales team to keep track of frequently asked questions; make a blog post or put it up on your site in the FAQ section.
  • Take pictures from your company outings and humanize your business. Give your organization a personality by sharing this event on your social media channels.
  • Did you make notes at a conference you attended? Is it industry news? Turn it into a blog post.

Brainstorm! Use these and other ideas then map it out to create an editorial calendar. That way you know you’ll have enough spacing between similar B2B marketing content to hold your readers attention. Also, don’t forget to track it all with analytics and set Key Performance Indicators (KPI) so you can see which content performs best and what to focus on in the next quarter.

At Rand Group, we’re always here to help, so contact us to discuss optimizing your inbound marketing efforts.

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