Marketing Sherpa B2B Summit – Best Practices

I had the opportunity to attend the Marketing Sherpa B2B Marketing Summit this week in San Francisco, featuring speakers and expert panels across industries and sectors. The summit covered today’s HOT B2B Marketing topics across the gamut, with: Landing Page Optimization, Social Media for the B2B Marketer, Direct Mail Revitalization, Lead Nurturing & Lead Scoring, Successful Drip Email Nurture Campaigns, etc.

There were so many topics covered in the short 2-day summit, here is a summary of best practices discussed in my favorite sessions.

Optimizing the Entire Sales Funnel: 3 Essential Principles

Speaker: Dr. Flint McGlaughlin | Managing Director (CEO) | MECLABS

Best Practices:  The 3 Principles

  1. Increase Specificity – Use quantitative statements.
  2. Increase Continuity – Make sure the key values are communicated at every step in the process.
  3. Maximize Relevance – Talk to the motivations of the potential prospects.

Your Landing Page must answer these questions within the first 4 inches and 7 seconds of your audience hitting your page or face the consequences of the back arrow:

  • Where am I at?
  • What can I do here?
  • Why should I do it?

Content That Converts: Transforming a Marketing Department into a Publishing Empire

Speakers: Thom Schoenborn | Editorial Director | Webtrends

Marko Muellner | Director of Marketing Program | Webtrends

Best Practices: Why Publish?

  • To Generate Leads
  • To Educate Your Customers
  • To Get People Thinking
  • To Build Credibility

We have moved from a pull to push approach to expand our reach and touches. Push forums are available to all businesses – push content out to your website, blog, key influencers,Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the press. Once you push the content out, reign in your prospects through Lead Routing and Nurturing.

Successful Drip Email Nurturing Campaigns

Speakers: Jeanne S. Jennings | Consultant | Email Marketing Strategy

Best Practices: A Drip Campaign nurtures leads through a series
of emails sent over time.

Build Your Drip Campaign Message Map before content development:

  • Identify Your Key Features, Benefits and Advantages.
  • Identify the Obstacles to Overcome.
  • Include Testimonials to Build Credibility.
  • Spell out the Incentive/Call to Action.
  • Create a Sense of Urgency.

The Marketing Sherpa B2B Summit was a great opportunity to find out what is working and what isn’t in the B2B arena. Find out more B2B marketing best practices by visiting

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