The Top Three Costly Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions regarding Google AdWords – below are the worst offenders.


“The Display Network Doesn’t Work”

The display network (renamed from the content network) is a large collection of websites where Adwords ads can appear. These ads (text, video or image) are automatically placed based on themes in your keyword lists but can also be placed manually.

The misconception here is that the display network produces low-quality traffic that has no intention to buy. This is simply not true; the display network reaches over 70% of unique internet users around the world and has the advantage of reaching customers at different points of the buying cycle.

For Example:

A user might begin a search for ERP software with the sole intention of researching their options and reading reviews. While on a review website for ERP software, though, the user might notice the ads of a solution provider and click on their ad eventually resulting in a sale for that advertiser. With search-only traffic this customer would have been missed.

It’s also important to understand that the Display network does allow for full control of where ads appear. To get the most out of your display network campaigns sites should be monitored regularly and removed if they are performing poorly.

“PPC Is Too Expensive”

It is possible to spend a lot of money in AdWords or other PPC platforms but the truth is that there is no other advertising platform that comes close to the same level of reporting, control and effectiveness. You only ever pay when someone decides to click on your ad (showing clear interest) and so if you spend $4,000 in a month you can rest assured that at the very least you got visitors to your site, the same can’t be said for a TV ad or a newspaper ad.

With PPC you also get online real-time reporting that provides statistics on the performances of ads, keywords and other details; this feedback allows for campaign optimization that is purely based on performance.

Campaigns should never be left unmanaged as there are always opportunities to make improvements. Poorly-managed campaigns will cost you and can lead to unprofitable marketing efforts. If you’re not seeing the benefit of your efforts you may require someone with experience to set up and manage your campaigns.

“PPC Is An All-In-One Solution”

If you have tried PPC and it just didn’t work for you then that doesn’t necessarily mean that it wasn’t a good fit. In many cases advertisers expect PPC to solve all their problems when the reality is that PPC is only one link of a very long chain. If any particular “link” is broken then the whole marketing effort will fall apart.

In other words if the solution you’re offering is outmatched by competitors or if your website is outdated and hard to navigate then PPC is like putting a bandaid on a gaping wound that needs 20 stitches.

So if you’re doing PPC then you need to be looking at every single thing that PPC relies on such as your landing pages and website, the solution you’re providing, the offer (if you’re doing a squeeze page) and most importantly your lead/sale nurturing process and if you don’t know how to do these things well then you need to consult with someone who does.

Incorporating a complete marketing strategy alongside PPC will definitely help yield the type of results you’re looking to achieve.

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