Worst Adwords PPC Ad Ever?

Recently an old colleague of mine sent an email to my Gmail account.

As you may or may not know, Gmail shows ads from Adwords PPC advertisers.  “Relevant” ads are generally displayed based on the content of the page (come to think of it, this seems like a bit of a privacy issue, but that’s another story).

Usually, I don’t pay attention to the ads but, this time, one caught my eye:

Here’s a detail of the PPC ad:

LOL.  At first I thought it was some kind of clever trick to pull in clicks, so I clicked on it.

Unfortunately for the advertiser, it isn’t a clever gimmick.  Clicking on the ad takes you to http://www.site.com/main/index.htm (link opens in new window).

I sent the ad around to a few PPC associates I know, and one of them mentioned that he’d seen the ad previously — about 6 months ago.

Lessons to learn:

  1. Double-check your ads before your run live with them
  2. Review your ad performance on a regular basis to see how well individual ads are performing (you are testing different ad variations, aren’t you?)
  3. Don’t write “test” ads in the first place
  4. Don’t indiscriminately opt in to Google’s Content Network for ads

Have you seen any other bad PPC ads?  Let us know, and leave a comment below!

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