How Microsoft Dynamics AX Can Transform Your Distribution Business

How Microsoft Dynamics AX Can Transform Your Distribution Business

As a distributor, you face a combination of challenges in your everyday business. From managing sites located globally to trying to properly anticipate inventory needs, you need to take careful consideration in everything you do. Trying to manage your operation with a series of Excel spreadsheets and disparate systems opens you up to risks that can easily be avoided with the use of distribution ERP software, like Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Many companies have multiple disparate legacy systems attempting to do the job of an ERP distribution system. This results in multiple interpretations of the overall business. Data is manually exported, analyzed, and combined leaving a wide margin of error within the organization, which makes planning, executing, and reporting an extremely subjective (and dangerous) activity. This is no way to operate a modern, successful business.

Your Business, Evolved

By adopting Microsoft Dynamics AX, which offers a true end-to-end business solution that is flexible enough to cover a variety of industries, with a specific sweet spot in distribution, your business can evolve. It not only handles the standard business financials, but also offers a complete solution for the entire business process from sales and customer management, supply chain management, demand planning, inventory control, and warehousing, all the way to the transportation of the product to the end customers. The result is a unified, integrated system that presents a holistic overall view across the entire organization.

Microsoft Dynamics AX contains over 800 out of box reports and role center based KPIs to bring the integration full circle to present an accurate overall representation of business performance.

Your Inventory, Controlled

Inventory is perhaps the biggest asset and greatest challenge for distributors. Planning and managing inventory to ensure that you have the right mix of products in the right places at the right time can make or break a business in a competitive industry. Dynamics AX 2012 R3 introduced expanded functionality to include a highly integrated inventory management system that allows real-time inventory control. It also includes a warehouse interface for mobile devices to give warehouse personnel a simple solution for managing transactions.

Your Demand Planning, Managed

Of course, inventory can’t be managed until you get it to your warehouse. Dynamics AX also encompasses enhanced demand planning which allows you to generate statistical baseline forecasts with customizable dynamic dimension sets. It allows you to export and manipulate those forecasts to remove outliers, replace end-of-life products, adjust for expected changes in the market and then import the adjusted plan back into AX to drive demand. It has built-in algorithms for forecast analysis as well as standard error metrics to provide a total demand management solution.

Your Logistics, Secured

The transportation management module in AX completes the process by providing a complete view of the distribution process. It integrates with the inventory, warehouse, and sales modules to provide complete visibility of inventory and transportation costs.

Your Ability to Compete, Globally

Today’s Distributors are faced with the challenge of competing with retailers of all sizes, from all over the world. Technology has increased the need to maintain a global focus in order to keep a competitive edge. Dynamics AX comes preconfigured to handle requirements for 36 different countries including compliance requirements, currency conversions, languages, and banking and reporting standards. That means your system is managing the nuances of each country in which you operate, which not only saves you time but also reduces the risk for costly errors through data miscalculations or regulatory errors.

Your Systems, Integrated

Your current set-up most likely does not integrate with manufacturers, retailers, or service companies and that means you’re duplicating work and risking costly errors. Dynamics AX is designed for industry coexistence. Multiple deployment options and configurability make it an ideal solution for manufacturing, retail, distribution and service industries. It was built with architecture for expanding which allows the creation of direct integrations with key supply chain partners.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an ideal solution for distributors who are looking for a complete, unified business solution that will handle all of your business challenges.

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Your Success, Enabled

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