Microsoft Dynamics AX

Embrace Change & Discover Familiarity

Working with inefficient systems impedes your progress as a growing business. However, implementing a new business management system isn’t exactly something you look forward to. Embrace change and discover familiarity with a Microsoft Dynamics® AX (formerly Dynamics Axapta) solution from Rand Group. We help you ease the pressure of managing growth and change with a comprehensive solution that integrates all your needs and keeps you in the familiar, user-friendly Microsoft platform your people are accustomed to.

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Anticipate Client Needs to Improve Service

Rand Group custom tailors Dynamics AX to meet the needs of your organization, while addressing the demands of your industry, business, and customers. With efficient role-tailored features, your team can make faster, more informed decisions that help you anticipate and address the needs of your clients, improving service and customer satisfaction. Our Dynamics AX solutions integrate your systems to help your employees work faster and smarter and to transform the changes in your business into opportunities. Rand Group makes it simple to do business across the country and around the world by consolidating and standardizing data and providing visibility across your organization.

With Microsoft Dynamics AX from Rand Group, you will become a world-class competitor, gaining exceptional visibility into your data to develop sophisticated reporting, graphs and performance indicators. Dynamics AX from Rand Group simplifies compliance for your business with a compliance portal that enables workflow automation, as well as provides extensive security control to meet stringent industry regulation guidelines. With Dynamics AX, we take the burden out of meeting compliance standards, making it a fluid process integrated into everyday procedures.

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View an overview of Microsoft Dynamics AX's main features. Learn how Microsoft Dynamics AX can help make your business more efficient today.

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Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX (Formerly Axapta) is a robust business solution that is typically geared towards upper and middle market enterprise companies. The solution offers administrative and functionality for organizations including workflow, business intelligence and portal capabilities.

Dynamics AX provides businesses with:

  • A larger functional footprint – HR, CRM, Cost Accounting, MRP, Advanced WMS, Transportation Management, Forecasting, Vendor Portal, Customer Portal, Retail, etc.
  • Deeper functionality – A PO line in other solutions might have 20 fields, a PO line in AX has 120 fields that drive system behavior and functionality; and
  • A solid technical platform that supports large global deployment scenarios, complex integrations, and advanced security and development requirements.

Many clients who are considering Microsoft Dynamics AX may also consider midmarket solutions like Oracle E-Business Suite. Click on the comparison below to help you better evaluate your investment from a financial perspective.

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Available On-Premise and in the Cloud with Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

When implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX, you have the option to choose between an on-premise or cloud deployment. Dynamics AX 2012 R3 is available on-premise for customers with their own datacentres. The cloud version, or AX on Azure, will soon become the new Operations application within Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition. Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s newest product – combining traditional ERP and CRM capabilities into one cloud solution. Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition is a solution designed for large companies with over 250 employees. By choosing this route, you can merge the powerful functionality of Dynamics AX7 with individual modules for core CRM, in addition to Microsoft’s Power Apps and Flow. This solution is also available for on-premise customers as well. Contact Rand Group for pricing and licensing information.

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Why Partner with Rand Group for Dynamics AX?

It may start at the software selection stage or at implementation but either way, the relationship you have with your partner never really ends. Technology requires upgrades and systems require support, businesses grow and need more functionality – it’s a continuous process to make sure your systems are running smoothly without disruption. Although this might seem like a sales pitch, we want to share with you what makes a good partner in the Dynamics world. We have quite a bit of experience built up and have been the partner that other clients move to when their original partner doesn’t do the job they expected. Here is what makes us one of the best partners in the industry and what you should use as a benchmark in your decision:

  1. Award-Winning Partner
    Rated among the top 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide, Rand Group is regularly awarded for its growth and achievements in the business management technology space.
  2. Microsoft Dynamics Expertise
    With over 20 years in the business, the Dynamics AX consultants at Rand Group know everything there is to know about Dynamics AX and have the experience to back it up.
  3. Industry Experience & Proven Track Record
    Rand Group has worked with some of the biggest sectors in Texas, delivering industry-tailored solutions from small companies to Fortune 500 in Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, and Manufacturing.
  4. Work Side-by-Side with Local Consultants
    Headquartered in Houston, Rand Group serves the needs of the South Central United States with expertise and skill provided by people in your area – which also cuts down on travel costs!
  5. Complete Front to Back Strategists
    With a core of professional accountants and business management experts, Rand Group offers a variety of services in Microsoft Dynamics solutions, Business Intelligence, Service, and Support to fully support your technology requirements.
  6. Fixed Price Bids
    We believe in the solutions we provide so we offer competitive fixed price bids to share the risk with you and ease your mind on the success for every project.
  7. Proven Tools & Methodology
    We have a strict methodology that we carefully plan right from the start to ensure a successful delivery with a lower the total cost of implementation.

Tangible, Measurable Results that Matter

Rand Group combines the business acumen of former practicing certified public accountants and industry specialists with the technology expertise of software developers, database engineers and process improvement specialists. Our teams deliver complete Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, & Texas.


View our interactive client case study and hear what Mike Giles, Senior Vice President and CIO of Express Energy Services has to say about their success with selecting and implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX with Rand Group.

Today’s business applications must go beyond the hype and deliver tangible, measurable results. Our unique blend of accounting, business process, and technology expertise helps you overcome challenges and generate real return on your application investment. In a product driven world we still believe relationships, partnerships and service are still what matters most. A cornerstone of your experience with Rand Group is a timely, accurate and professional response. And, unlike many software resellers, the professional who implements your Microsoft Dynamics AX solution is the person who sold it to you. What we sell, we deliver.

“ This is the best ERP implementation I have ever been associated with. ”

Brian Recatto

Don’t Let Your System Leave You Stranded

Did you know that an unmanaged ERP system leads to unexpected downtime? Downtime that costs up to $74,000 per hour. It also leads to slow response time and performance issues that negatively impacts the entire organization.

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Schedule a Private Microsoft Dynamics AX Consultation

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William Wu

Executive Vice President at Rand Group

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Not sure if Dynamics AX is the right ERP solution for your company? We provide complete software assessment services, which evaluate your current management solution and help you understand the full business impact of making a change. Learn about our ERP assessment services.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Roadmap and Strategy

This video examines how AX integrates technology into multiple levels of your business, paving the way for your future business needs.

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Our Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations help you with:

Financial Management

Generate accurate accounting for material usage, chargeback and billable time with integrated billings features to manage projects of all sizes and increase visibility.

Business Intelligence

Manage and transform your data into meaningful, valuable information with customizable reporting, forecasting, budgeting and analytics.

Business Portals

Provide your people with a single, trusted source to access, control, collaborate and distribute key business information and data.

Project Accounting

Generate accurate accounting for material usage, chargeback and billable time with integrated billings features to manage projects of all sizes and increase visibility.

Supply Chain Management

Effectively manage inventory, order processing, sales order processes and suppliers for increased revenues and decreased costs per transaction.

Reporting & Analytics

Leverage rich analytic capabilities and build informative, accurate reports to shape decisions.

Asset Management

Track and manage your fixed assets for improved controls, better accounting, and preventive maintenance.

Job Costing

Accurately track all costs and expenses related to each job and maximize profitability.

Time & Expense Tracking

Capture and maximize every billable hour, reduce the risk of human error, and increase your margins.

Sales Tax Automation

Tax rules are complex and non-compliance can be costly; automate and diffuse your risk and avoid resource intensive audits.

Performance Optimization

Improve application performance to reduce employee frustration and accelerate business results.

Customer, Staff & Vendor Portals

Increase operational efficiency and provide additional value to clients and vendors with portals designed to improve communication and drive collaboration.

Business Email

Communicate whenever you want, from wherever you want, with enough storage to keep all your vital information secured.

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