Are You Frustrated with the Ever-Increasing Costs of Your IT Solution?

Face it. Nothing rankles a CFO more than year after year watching ERP software-related items chew up line after line on the spreadsheet.

First there’s the software license. Then there’s the renewal of the license. Then there’s the staff needed to install and babysit the software. Then there’s the hardware on site, the racks, the air conditioning units – oh, and don’t forget to factor in those annual maintenance increases.

Enough already!

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Get All the ERP You Want in the Cloud

You need ERP software – no question. What you don’t need or even have to put up with anymore, is the headache of all the moving parts to get it up and running.

Today, anyone who chooses can get all the functionality of Microsoft NAV right in the Cloud. No hassles with license renewals. With the NAV Cloud, you get to strip down your internal costs because your IT department can focus on real problems, rather than tracking who’s up to date on their software.

Automation at Your Fingertips

Rand Group can catapult you seamlessly into the Cloud. Keep your data secure with a variety of subscriptions, or continue to use a perpetual license. Either way, you’ll free yourself from many of the hefty costs associated with on premise solutions.

Plus, Cloud ERP access is all user-based. So whether you are adding employees for that new branch you’ve just opened up, or downsizing, the size of your space in the Cloud shifts with you. You pay for only what you need, without giving up any of the technological capabilities you’ve come to rely on.

Need a Cloud terminology run-through? Check out this video:

Sound Too Good to be True?

Industry is simply responding to a demand. Eons ago ERP software was only available to companies that had the necessary infrastructure. In today’s world, that’s all changed. Thanks to the internet and subsequent advancements, consumers realized there had to be a better way, and the Cloud is it.

NAV Cloud provides a simple solution that makes sense. You receive continually up-to-date quality software, and let the professionals deal with upgrades, monitoring and the rest of it – all with safe and secure storage with the tap of a keyboard.

Here’s how it works. At Rand Group, we have multiple ways for you to get ERP Cloud:

Select a Cloud Option That Suits You

Rand Group makes NAV Cloud in Azure available to you in multiple secure ways:

  1. Rand Group can host your solution with a monthly subscription license on a dedicated server in Azure and manage it for you.
  2. Rand group can host your solution with a monthly subscription license on a multi-tenant environment in Azure with no additional management cost to you.
  3. Rand Group can host your solution in the Cloud with a perpetual license plus our managed services agreement.
  4. You can subscribe to your ERP solution and have it running on your own internal servers, and have your existing IT team take care of it.

Security Concerns in the Cloud

The cloud offers many benefits to businesses: large capital expenditures become a thing of the past; information can be accessed from anywhere; and time is freed up for your IT …


It’s Your Business, Your Choice

Without question, the Cloud is here to stay. Whether you choose to move all your software, or just some of your software, or none of it, is up to you.

We’re here to help you figure out what works best. It’s a new world, with increasing opportunities for you to spend more time and money on what you really want – maximizing your business.