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Engineer-to-Order: Your Business, Our Expertise.

You’re familiar with manufacturing highly customized products that wow your customers. But as with any specialized process comes specific challenges for your business. You want to produce products as quickly as possible without foregoing their integrity; you strive to reduce production and shipping delays; and, of course, you want to reduce your costs and increase your revenue.

With an engineer-to-order (ETO) software solution from Rand Group, you reap the benefit of receiving a system that is as specialized as your manufacturing processes.

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Real-Time Job Data.

Engineer-to-Order software integrated with Microsoft Dynamics gives you the power of a robust platform that is designed for order-driven manufacturing companies.

Take advantage of the ability to track your own internal data in real-time and stay competitive in costing, inventory tracking, production control, and vendor management.

“ Integrity and accuracy are priorities at Rand Group - they are night and day from other firms. ”

Karla Lopez

Track All Your Business Data in One System.

Bringing complex products to reality is the nature of the engineer-to-order approach. To ensure a smooth engineering process, you need a reliable system that can continually manage all your data. With engineer-to-order software integrated into Microsoft Dynamics you have all the fundamental elements in one system. This includes:

  • Accounts Receivable (AR);
  • Accounts Payable (AP);
  • General Ledger (GL);
  • Human Resources (HR); as well as
  • Fixed assets, inventory management, production, purchasing, receiving, sales, shipping, production management, quality management, vendor management and more.

Get one system that removes data silos and improves your production processes. This is a competitive advantage you should not live without.

Video: Trendsetter Engineering Case Study

Nicholas Gault, Vice President of Finance at Trendsetter Engineering, discusses why they choose Rand Group and Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


Rand Group’s engineer-to-order software, integrated with Microsoft technology, supports phased deployment of the solutions you require to gain control of your manufacturing operation to improve productivity, trim costs, and increase customer service.

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