What is Azure Backup and Site Recovery

What is Azure Backup and Site Recovery?

In the hustle and bustle of today, businesses can’t afford downtime. Hardware failures, human error, natural disasters, viruses and malware, failed backups and software corruption are all a threat to you each and every day. Maintaining data integrity and ensuring its availability is critical to the continued health of your organization. So where do you start?

At Rand Group, all of our cloud-based services operate exclusively on Microsoft Azure Cloud. We don’t take risks with our business, we have confidence that our data is available whenever we need it and wherever we are. Microsoft’s cloud offering includes two very robust solutions designed to extend your data center and protect your IT infrastructure. One cloud solution is focused on backup and one is focused on full disaster recovery.

What is Azure Site Recovery?

Microsoft Azure Site Recovery provides automated protection and replication of machines (physical machines, Hyper-V, VMware) from on premise, data centers, or co-locations to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Health is monitored and recovery plans can be configured to provide near seamless failover to the cloud – regardless of the size or complexity of the environment. If you have your own secondary data center, Azure Site Recover is the cost effective way to replicate data from one facility to another, both using VMware or Hyper-V environments, using the Azure cloud as the medium.

Watch this short video to learn how Azure Site Recovery can extend your data center.


What is Azure Backup?

Eliminate expensive disk and tape solutions and ensure your data is protected with Azure Backup. Azure Backup can either be run as a standalone to protect individual servers or files, or centrally managed and integrated with System Center components to protect groups of servers or application-specific workloads such as Exchange, SQL, or Sharepoint.

Azure Backup enables you to supplement existing on premises backup solutions or replace them entirely. They can also be run several times a day, with indefinite retention. Say hello to lower TCO with a scalable, reliable, secure, and encrypted cloud solution with maximum coverage.

Watch this short video to learn how Azure Backup can protect your data and keep your business running.


Use Azure for Backup and Disaster Recovery

The size of the solution, the complexity of the environment, and several other factors contribute to the cost of the solution whether you choose Azure Backup and/or Azure Site Recovery. That’s why we recommend a full assessment of your existing requirements so we can work with you to architect and implement a cloud backup and/or Disaster Recovery plan for your organization. Contact Rand Group for your free backup assessment today.

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