Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 - Supply Chain Management

This white paper is intended for small and midsized companies driven primarily by manufacturing or distribution operations and in need of solutions to help improve the integration, visibility, and efficiency of their supply chains. It reviews how Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 can connect trade partners, improve collaboration, and ease the flow of business information within and between organizations to help enhance the efficiency, speed, and profitability of the entire supply chain. After reading this paper, you will understand:
  • How increasingly complex supply networks are driving a need for better integration and synchronization of information and processes among supply chain partners.
  • How technology can enhance the transparency and efficiency of supply chain processes both within an organization and throughout the supply chain.
  • How Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help companies and their trade partners streamline interactions, improve collaboration, execute effectively, and enhance profitability for mutual success.

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