Improve Your Financial View

A central source of customer information ensures consistency in customer service and support across all touch points. If you want to maximize customer retention, a 360-degree view of your customers is a must.

Whether or not your organization is directly affected by regulations, you will have to document compliance if you are doing business in markets or with companies that are regulated. This is difficult and time consuming if you are working with islands of information, and downright dangerous to your business if that information is incorrect or out of date.

Time is money, and nowhere is that more evident than in financial management. With better access to real-time information using business accounting software, you can eliminate unnecessary delays and better focus on your core business.

Critical Data Leads to Good Decisions.

Using business accounting software from Rand Group, you get the critical data you need to make the right decisions. Your complete solution will simplify connecting financial transactions and information across your organization, including multiple sites and affiliates.

Creating reports of all types – from the basics like monthly sales, inventory levels or profit and loss statements, to complex customized reports – is simplified.

A business accounting software solution from Rand Group will optimize your:

  • AR/AP Management – set up and support flexible terms, including pre- and advanced-payment schedules, promissory notes and multiple payments. Access a range of invoice options for payables.
  • Reporting and Analytics – automate the process using real-time information for more accurate, timely, transparent forecasts, improving your cash flow, lowering costs and increasing profitability.
  • Compliance – manage enterprise risk and reduce compliance costs with end-to-end processes. Track and manage compliance status with easy-to-use workflows.

The Right ERP For You

We offer business and accounting management solutions from Microsoft for your business. Depending on your size, needs and industry, Rand Group will take the time to evaluate which solution is right for you and offer an unbiased software recommendation for:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX: Robust, agile and targeted towards larger, more complex organizations looking to gain better control of their entire operation.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV: A single solution for all your enterprise management needs.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP: Increase productivity and improve compliance with a solution designed to manage your business, from end to end.

Get Tangible Results

Rand Group combines the business acumen of former practicing certified public accountants and industry specialists with the technology expertise of software developers, database engineers and process improvement specialists. Our teams deliver complete Financial Management Solutions tailored to your needs.

“ This is the best ERP implementation I have ever been associated with. ”

Brian Recatto

Today’s business applications must go beyond the hype and deliver tangible, measurable results. Our unique blend of business management, business process, and technology expertise helps you overcome challenges and generate real return on your application investment.

In a product driven world we still believe relationships, partnerships and service are what matters most.

A cornerstone of your experience with Rand Group is a timely, accurate and professional response. And, unlike many software resellers, the professional who implements your Financial Management Solution is the person who sold it to you. What we sell, we deliver.

Don’t Let Your System Leave You Stranded

Did you know that an unmanaged ERP system leads to unexpected downtime? Downtime that costs up to $74,000 per hour. It also leads to slow response time and performance issues that negatively impacts the entire organization.

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