Is Your Supply Chain up to the Challenge?

In today’s global business environment, supply chain optimization a must. Your customers demand innovative services and products; delivered on time, at a competitive price. Poor materials management and planning can lead to unrealistic promises, unnecessary production delays, unmet deadlines and unhappy customers.

Effective supply chain management using a properly implemented logistics optimization software will reduce barriers to your productivity and efficiency so you can meet your customers’ demands on schedule.

Take Control for Optimal Results.

With Rand Group you get a 360-degree view of your entire supply chain, enabling you to optimize inventory management by predicting your materials needs, queuing up suppliers and managing your orders accordingly. Get the control required to maximize productivity and ensure customer satisfaction.

“ Integrity and accuracy are priorities at Rand Group - they are night and day from other firms. ”

Karla Lopez

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Rand Group delivers supply chain management solutions in:

  • Inventory Management & Control
    • Make better buying decisions with real-time access to inventory levels, anticipated delivery dates and projected demand.
    • Better manage well-used products to prevent shortages.
    • Establish purchasing specifications plus bidder & issue inquiry lists to ensure projects remain on schedule and budget.
    • Know your warehouse with Rand Group’s Warehouse Management Solution (WMS).
  • Inventory Optimization & Planning
    • Predict inventory requirements, minimizing opportunity for shortages and overages using guidelines set by you.
    • Set contingency plans for alternative suppliers.
    • Stay on top of end-of-life components and prepare for replacements accordingly.
  • Order Management & Processing
    • Ensure orders are synchronized with product availability.
    • Reduce bottlenecks in order to cash cycle with improved inventory planning and availability.
    • Improve customer service levels with more accurate order promising.

Rand Group is comprised of a team of consummate professionals with in-depth experience in areas including technology, finance, and business management. Our diverse team of resources provides our clients with the knowledge and expertise required to ensure you get the help you need, how you need it. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how we can eliminate your supply chain frustrations.

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