Is Inventory Running Your Business?

Is your inventory controlling your organization rather than you controlling your inventory? It can feel like an endless battle – materials are improperly tracked, shortages leave orders in the lurch, you struggle to meet deadlines. And if orders are shipped late or not up to your quality of standard it can only mean one thing — lost customers.

An effective inventory control application will enable you to better manage your products and ensure the materials you need are available when you need them, all while minimizing inventory levels.

Get the Control You Need

At Rand Group we fit you with an Inventory Management & Control Solution that gives you complete control over your inventory and not the other way around. With real-time access to inventory levels and predetermined purchasing specifications, you will have the power to make better buying decisions. Including full visibility into your warehouses with Rand Group’s Warehouse Management Solution (WMS).

Increase Inventory Velocity and Grow Your Distribution Business

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Equipped with the right inventory management software from Rand Group, you will optimize:

  • Customer Relationships
    • Make realistic promises and boost overall customer satisfaction.
    • Fulfill orders more quickly and accurately.
    • Secure customer contracts with personalized pricing and promotions.
  • Supply Management
    • Synchronize orders with product availability in real-time.
    • Ensure expired lots are not selected for distribution with automated alerts.
    • Negotiate more effectively and confidently with suppliers.
  • Reports & Analytics
    • Leverage real-time collaboration with customers and suppliers to create more accurate analytics.
    • Forecast demand via automated reports in order to make better buying decisions and minimize inventory levels.
    • Get a clear view of product profitability, seasonality and trends.

Don’t let inventory control your business. It doesn’t have to be that way. Contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how Rand Group’s broad and extensive experience can help you get control of your inventory.

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