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Tired of feeling like you’re always a step behind? To keep on top of customer orders and satisfaction, you need a firm grasp of your existing inventory, projects and future needs. Otherwise, it’s all too easy to be caught short on the essential materials you require; or conversely, be left overstocked with items you don’t need.

Rand Group will fit you with a solution that empowers you to better plan for the future and optimize your inventory. Precise forecasts of upcoming inventory requirements enable you to minimize the opportunity for shortages and overages.

Increase Inventory Velocity and Grow Your Distribution Business

The key to growth in any business is working capital and cash flow. As a distributor this means increasing inventory velocity. So, if you are sitting on slow moving inventory, …

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Plan Pro-actively & Prevent Panic.

Reliable predictions allow you to work pro-actively, setting contingency plans for alternative suppliers well in advance and planning for replacements to end-of-life components. This saves you precious time in case of unforeseen delays or backlogs with your regular suppliers. You can also ensure better pricing without making panicked decisions.

Inventory Optimization Software from Rand Group drives your business with an eye to:

  • Supply Chain Variability
    • Account for all possible demand variables, including seasonal factors, promotions and new products.
    • Consider supply variables, including supplier performance, product quality, delivery issues and lead-time uncertainty.
    • Ensure you make the required inventory investment within your budget.
  • Vendor Relationships
    • Improve employee relationships with vendors and trading partners by giving them access to vendor communications, agreements and commitments.
    • Monitor and analyze quality and cost of materials, along with delivery performance.
    • Identify ideal vendors based on efficiency and reliability.
  • Reports & Analytics
    • Define items groupings according to your needs for improved planning and better decision making.
    • Using stronger data from across your supply chain, better anticipate where and when inventory is needed most with confidence, minimizing safety stock.
    • Make more trustworthy decisions using real-time data to make what-if predictions.

Whitepaper: The Key to Inventory Optimization

When looking at inventory management and attempting to minimize expenditures while maximizing profits, distributors are faced with a challenging balancing act. Not all items are of equal importance to customers …


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With Rand Group you’re getting former practicing certified public accountants, business management consultants, and technology experts all under one roof. This means you benefit from a company that can truly offer end-to-end business management solutions, and get more than just the inventory software your business relies on. This is our promise.

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