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Your Business is Nothing Without its Data

Your ERP system stores the most crucial information your company maintains and often touches multiple parts of your business. Everything from valuable financial data and unique customer data to your that is involved with your critical operations and processes. But in one single event, you have the potential to lose it all, and never fully recover.

In fact, this is the breakdown of reported data loss as a results of these accounts:

  • 78% Hardware or systems failure
  • 11% Human Error
  • 7% Software corruption
  • 1% Natural disasters

Downtime can cripple your business if you aren’t prepared. The cost of downtime depends on a number of factors, including the size of a business and your dependency on data. Take a look at some of the latest statistics, one hour of downtime is equivalent to:

  • $8,000 for a small company
  • $74,000 for a mid-size company
  • $700,000 for an enterprise

Source: Aberdeen

Protect Your ERP Data with Backups

If your hard drive crashed one afternoon, can you envision what that would look like for your business? Do you know how often your ERP or SQL back ups are being performed? Do you know how long it would take to recover? Most companies don’t realize until it is too late that their backups aren’t running regularly or the required data has not been backed up correctly.

Most aspects of a business take place on mission critical technology systems, from sales to invoice. Not being able to take sales orders or invoice the customer negatively impacts your bottom line. The key to protecting your valuable data is an effective backup and recovery strategy.

Here are some questions you need to get the answers for:

  1. How often are your backups being performed?
  2. Based on your current backup schedule and volume of transactions, how long would it take to get back up and running?
  3. Is your information prioritized or is everything being backed up?
  4. Who is accountable for your technology business continuity plan?
  5. What is your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO)? Read this whitepaper to learn more about these metrics.
  6. Do you have at least one copy of your backups stored off-site?
  7. How reliable and available is your data?
  8. When was the last time you saw a successfully restored backup?

Get a Second Opinion on Your Backups

If you don’t have the answers to some of these questions, your first step should be to evaluate your current backup processes. Take this quiz to see if your business is being properly protected.

The 30 Second Backup Health Quiz

Discover in less than a minute if your business is truly protected from disaster.

At Rand Group, we have a team of highly specialized IT professionals available to help you get a better understanding of your current technology environment. We are well equipped to help you put the right cloud backup and recovery system in place, so you can benefit from complete redundancy, secured servers, and upwards of 99% guaranteed uptime.

Rand Group specializes in ERP backups for the following products:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics AX
  2. Microsoft Dynamics GP
  3. Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Data is one of your most valuable and pertinent assets – your golden egg. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery managed services provide various value-added services that covers 360° health monitoring and remediation to ensure your business is able to recover your data and services in the event of a catastrophic event.

Let us help you protect it by setting you up with an iron-clad backup and recovery plan and making sure you, your employees, or your customers never experience the sharp pain of data loss. Contact Rand Group’s Infrastructure team today.

Don’t Let Your System Leave You Stranded

Did you know that an unmanaged ERP system leads to unexpected downtime? Downtime that costs up to $74,000 per hour. It also leads to slow response time and performance issues that negatively impacts the entire organization.

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