Your Business is Only as Good as Your Systems

How much do you know about the core components of your infrastructure and its ability to support your business initiatives?

It’s rare for a company to have a clear and current view into their infrastructure, yet surprisingly common for those businesses to engage in the process of making a major change to their technology. You need to start at step 1, and that comes before you begin actively making changes.

Rand Group knows that the only way to deliver our projects as promised – without surprises – is to know in advance what we’re getting ourselves, and you, into.

Assess to Succeed

If you’re considering an upgrade, installation or deployment of a core business application, ask yourself:

  • Do we currently benefit from virtualization technologies?
  • Should we be using cloud solutions?
  • Can you allocate resources on demand without forklift upgrades?

This is just a small subset of the things you should know about your business before you engage in any technology project. Unfortunately, most times when we start asking these types of questions, people don’t know the answers. Sometimes, this is due to people using a 3rd party to manage these services, and not being kept up to date. Other times, they know what they have but they don’t know what else is available, or what they’re missing.

Whatever the situation, it’s critical that you understand the foundation on which your business is being built in order to move ahead and succeed.

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What More Should You Know?

Before we engage with a client, we want to be sure that our projects can be successful and that nothing we do will have a negative impact on the rest of the organization. We start by looking at the core components of the infrastructure to determine current state, and make recommendations on how these components can be improved:

  • Network Connectivity: We assess speed and data transfer rate of both local and wide area networks and ensure you have the right amount of bandwidth to meet the needs of your system and users.
  • Storage: We will review your current storage set-up to determine if it’s optimized. This includes assessing the type of storage you have, be it local or offsite, and its performance level and capacity. We also want to know if your storage is currently oversubscribed, which affects any processes that are data base driven, such as SharePoint, Dynamics ERP and SQL server. Most times, business owners believe they have sufficient storage and that all their critical applications and data are being backed-up. This is often an erroneous assumption.
  • Virtualization Strategy: We start by determining what strategy you have for virtualization so we can identify ways to help you move to a more modern system. Ideally, your system will be set-up to allow for resources that are truly dynamic across several physical hosts, with a highly available hypervisor virtualization strategy.
  • Disaster Recovery: After a disaster, the last thing you want to discover is that your disaster recovery strategy was subpar or far too often, non-existent. We assess the current protocol, including how you perform back-ups to date and how long it would take you to recover from complete data loss. If you’re using an old system of backing up files and not using snapshots, your down time could be much higher than leveraging the instant ability to restore a properly set-up virtual machine, which can occur in minutes.
  • Operating Systems: Slow systems need to be reviewed to determine if they are set-up to leverage best practices, and are fully up to date with all necessary patches.

No Shortcuts at Rand Group

At Rand Group, we don’t take risks with your business. That’s why we recommend a full infrastructure assessment to anyone looking to get the most out of their systems. If we can’t guarantee our work won’t disrupt another part of your business, we won’t proceed. We aren’t interested in simply selling you a solution, we insist on laying a proper foundation for success. By engaging in an infrastructure assessment, we can help mitigate risks including:

  • Negatively impacting the timeline of your project; this can often have a domino effect of implications on the company at large.
  • Lowered project success and user adoption rates.
  • Overlooking an issue that has been occurring for years, such as a missing piece of data in the back-up or performance issues impacting entire departments.

Whether you’re looking for a full scale infrastructure assessment to help guide your future infrastructure strategy, or a micro infrastructure assessment to help you get the most out of a newly purchased piece of technology, we can help. We will provide you with complete documentation on our findings; and offer recommendations for moving forward based on our in-depth understanding of technology best-practices and your business. We customize each assessment to your environment, so you know you’re getting information designed specifically with you in mind.

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Every business needs an advantage, and Rand Group can provide one for you. Our clients enjoy fast resolutions, pragmatic approaches and above par dedication from our qualified technical and accounting resources. We run with a 90% client satisfaction rate, and we’re ready to help give your business the advantage it needs to compete and win over your competition.