Neglecting Your Dynamics ERP System Will Leave You Stranded

Introducing Microsoft Dynamics Managed Services—A Rand Group Exclusive
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Set It And Forget It Is a Dangerous Game

Unmanaged Systems Lead To Unexpected Downtime

You don’t neglect preventive maintenance on your vehicle because you know the consequences, so why would you neglect it for your business systems? Your Dynamics ERP solution requires preventive maintenance and continual care and monitoring to ensure it remains a trustworthy business partner. The risks of ignoring your ERP solution are costly.

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Source: Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council’s 2014 Annual Report

Failing to Manage Your ERP Puts You at More than Monetary Risk. It Will:

  • Expose you to risk from malicious attacks and viruses
  • Result in unplanned downtime and lost data
  • Cause you to break SLAs, miss A/P deadlines and suffer the consequences of late invoicing
  • Disrupt or destroy sales efforts, leaving a soft pipeline that impacts growth goals
  • Extend the time and efforts required to write reports and get accurate, actionable business data
  • Negatively impact your reputation
  • Take your business completely offline for an extended period of time
  • Seriously and notably degrade performance for your users, impacting productivity

Set It and Forget It Is a Dangerous Game

Rand Group’s Managed Dynamics ERP

  • Scheduled and reliable service windows
  • Fixed monthly budget costs
  • Monitoring, health & backup reports
  • Reduced system support
  • Proactive & reduced risk
  • Tax & Year end updates included*
  • Cost saving performance tuning and optimization

Tax & Year-end updates applicable only to Microsoft Dynamics GP clients.


Unmanaged, Ad-Hoc Support

  • Irregular support fees and costly per hour rates
  • Time consuming issue diagnosis and resolution
  • Support wasted on standard maintenance tasks and then unavailable for emergencies
  • Reactive & high risk
  • Tax & year end updates ignored or deferred
  • Slow systems and performance issues and degradation that go undiagnosed, costing unnecessary time & money

A Moment of Prevention, a Lifetime of Remedy

Taking the time to properly manage your ERP system will always deliver better results than the alternative. By monitoring, performance tuning and testing your system on a regular basis, you can circumvent the larger issues and keep your system, and your business, running optimally.

Our love of this work is apparent in the extensive and fully comprehensive list of services performed every month with our Managed Dynamics ERP Package.

Here’s Just The Highlights:


The First Step to Prevention Is Paying Attention
  • Your SQL and middle-tier application servers, including basic hardware utilization
  • Service status of critical SQL or Dynamics Services
  • Your backup jobs
  • SQL and Windows error logs
  • Server and network infrastructure, 24/7
  • Dynamics Application Tier Server Health


It Doesn’t Just Need to Work, It Needs to Work Optimally
  • Perform a Database Engine Review
  • Monitor resource consumption
  • Engage in Performance Tests including a stress test, load test and IOPS test
  • Analyze queries, waits, queues, index and scan fragmentation, TempDB capacity and more
  • Test and validate storage infrastructure
  • Analyze and validate leased equipment costs
  • Optimize your database and supporting systems to ensure peak performance


Small, Ongoing Fixes Prevent Large, Costly Repairs
  • Build/Remove Indexes
  • Review and adjust general SQL Configuration
  • Update Statistics
  • Review and adjust SQL Security, SQL networking setup, and hardware setup


No Software Is Safe from Regular Updates
  • Apply version service packs and security patches
  • Monitor and apply hotfixes
  • Implement tax and year-end updates
  • Inform and guide you when it’s time to upgrade to the newer version


If All Else Fails, You’ve Always Got Back-up
  • Define and follow your backup and business continuity plan
  • Complete a backup of your entire Dynamics environment
  • Ensure all SQL backup scripts exist and are set up correctly
  • Audit and adjust Log Files and Drive Allocation
  • Test and correct data restoration


These Little Extras Help Us Go the Full Mile
  • Assist in creating, changing or optimizing reports
  • Tweak a workflow or help clear a workflow roadblock
  • Re-condition customizations
  • Ensure all integrations are fully operational
  • Cover and manage any work we have delivered, including customizations, integrations and add-on’s

Performance Tuning & Optimization: Directly Correlated To Cost

One application task that takes 5 seconds x 100 employees x 52 weeks = 433 hours.

This costs the business $16,237.50 annually for this single task ($75k avg. Salary).

After tuning and optimization, it takes 1 second which = 87 hours and a savings $12,975 annually.

Relentless Dedication To Your Success

We are Gold Certified in Enterprise Resource Planning and Cloud, with Silver competencies in Data Platform and Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions. We are a top 1% Microsoft Partner that holds a 90% client satisfaction rating. And above all, we are dedicated, vigilant and focused. We want to see our clients succeed by getting the most out of their solutions, each and every day – which is why we are one of the only solution providers who offer Managed Dynamics ERP.

Uniquely Positioned Dynamics Partner and Cloud Solutions Provider

We provide cloud offerings coupled with core ERP solutions and other business technologies to create a significant and lasting impact on client success. Complete solutions for every business scenario, in any consumption model that makes sense.

The cloud is bursting with business opportunity—don’t resist it out of fear of the unknown.

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