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Poor Decisions Result from Poor Data

Business decisions should be made after analyzing all the relevant data and exploring all possible options. Yet in reality, decisions are often based on intuition and guesswork. Not having access to the right data can severely impact your bottom line through misinformed actions.

Business intelligence makes past problems easier to avoid, current problems easier to solve, and future problems easier to mitigate. This is where Microsoft Power BI comes in.

What is Microsoft Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics platform that lets you analyze data and share insights. Advanced analytics help your organization obtain useful information from your business data, leading to data-driven decisions and full visibility.

See your entire business in a single view with interactive visuals and dashboards. No matter where your data lies or what form it is in, the important business metrics that you need are available on demand, in real-time.

Power BI has multiple deployment options and services to best fit the needs of your organization.

Power BI in 60 Seconds

Power BI Pro

Power BI Pro brings collaboration and sharing to business intelligence and gives you a 360-degree view of your business. Discover the capabilities of Pro.

Run Power BI Directly on Your Personal Computer

Import data from a wide variety of sources and locations, both in the cloud or on-premise. Built in data modelling prepares your data and Power BI’s analytics assists in finding connections, all with the familiarity of Excel. Organize your data into dashboards with rich interactive visuals using a freeform drag-and-drop canvas. A unique capability of Power BI is the ability to ask questions in natural language and get full answers in charts and graphs, helping you get the information you need quickly and in a visually appealing format.

All your apps and services can be integrated with Power BI, providing dashboards for Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Dynamics – all in real-time.

Full Power BI Functionality From Any Modern Web Browser

Easily share reports with others to let them explore the data. With Pro, users are licensed individually to both view and interact with reports and dashboards. However, you can govern how your data is accessed, tailoring metrics for specific departments, roles, and individuals so that users get personalized views of the metrics that matter most to them. Power BI ensures everyone receives the most accurate and correct data, preventing the risk of compromising reports through manual sharing. Your interactive data can also be embedded on your blog or website through publish to web.

Access Power BI From Your Mobile Device

With Power BI, you don’t have to be chained to your desk in order to access important data. Power BI has mobile capabilities to let users review live dashboards and reports from anywhere. Applications for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices, including push notification capability for personal data alerts. Share and collaborate on the go with Power BI’s mobile dashboards.

Power BI Premium

Extend Power BI across your entire organization.

Power BI Premium provides dedicated capacity, giving your organization your own set of hardware resources to be used exclusively by you and your users. This move away from shared capacity removes restrictions to open Power BI to allow larger scale, better performance, and more data. Premium increases publication sizes up to 10GB and refresh rates up to 48x per day.

Licensing is priced by capacity, rather than by user, letting you distribute dashboards, reports, and other content to as many people as you want. Without additional per-user costs, Premium is ideal for large organizations or organizations that require large-scale data distribution.

Premium’s other features are:

All Your Business Data, All In One Place

Power BI can unify all of your organization’s data, whether in the cloud or on-premise. Using the Power BI gateways, you can connect SQL Server databases, Analysis Services models, and many other data sources to your same dashboards in Power BI. If you already have reporting portals or applications, embed Power BI reports and dashboards for a unified experience.

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