Uncover the Value of CRM

Your data doesn’t represent the truth; therefore you can’t trust your data. Stop using CRM as a data repository. Make your sales team see value in your CRM system with real-time compensation estimates.

When your sales team spends more time in a week navigating your CRM system than actually selling, you’ll never reach your sales goals. Stop working against a poorly-designed system and get your CRM working for you.

Gain Real Intelligence

At Rand Group, we have the best practices you need to gain real intelligence and value from your CRM through coaching on:

  • Process Design/Redesign
  • Sales Tools & Templates
  • Compensation Models
  • Driving Adoption
  • Improved Deal Strategy
  • Accelerating Close Times

A sales & marketing automation or CRM solution should enable your sales force to work with knowledge and efficiency. Does your CRM solution do that?

Contact Us today to get your CRM system working with your sales team, not against them.

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Kevin De Pree

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